The English Constitution

Mark Higginson has created a thought provoking example English Constitution which you can either read here or peruse by sections at the links below. I will leave it to him to explain.
I have written this English Constitution very much as a literary project. I started it around summertime 2008, and originally called it the Magna Carta 2009. I quickly realized that it was rubbish, scrapped it and restarted it as a constitution. Why?
Five years after New Labour came to power I realized  that England was at a disadvantage, and as the years rolled on it got worse. Also there was a discussion about the British Constitution and how it was un-codified (not written), so I thought, “how difficult can it be to write one?” This English Constitution was the result. It is not impossible that when this project is better worded and is a more rounded, finished document, that it could be of us to the people of England in the future.

I make this unreserved statement:
If in the future, England and the English people are at their darkest hour and look for direction. I hope that this humble attempt at providing it can aid them in that endeavor.
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I am and Englishman who is fed up with the way the Government and others treats the people of England

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