Robin Tilbrook, London Mayoral Candidate for the English Democrats advocates the Birch?


Go to 45 minutes in and listen to the interview. Now some will say the researchers should be sacked etc like on the EDP face book page.

As usual it is always someone else’s fault why the party gets painted in a bad light.
interviewer said at about 49 mins in: Your running for Mayor of London so you can get a political broadcast and get your word out…. you policies include getting out of the EU, bringing back the birch and so on.
Robin did not deflect from the birch policy.
So there you have it Robin advocates the birch.

Uncles meanwhile is the GLA organiser, he is widely known for his love of pies, “gorilla”(sic) tactics on the internet and his breif spell in his local news which caused him to get a low vote percentage.
This article highlighted Uncles mocking of suicides and racist joke, that was posted on a politics forum.

News Shopper article

Dartford council candidate Steven Uncles stands by jokes about a Pakistani and suicide victim

10:36am Tuesday 19th April 2011 in NewsBy Abigail Foulkes

Steven Uncles, who also started a rumour that UKIP leader Nigel Farage had died in a plane crash, is running as the English Democrat’s candidate for West Hill wardSteven Uncles, who also started a rumour that UKIP leader Nigel Farage had died in a plane crash, is running as the English Democrat’s candidate for West Hill ward

A DARTFORD council candidate who made a joke about a Pakistani and a suicide victim has stood by his comments.

Steven Uncles, who also started a rumour that UKIP leader Nigel Farage had died in a plane crash, is running as the English Democrat’s candidate for West Hill ward.

In February 2009, Mr Uncles, 47, posted a joke entitled ‘English Drinking Rule’ to the British Democracy Forum, in which a Pakistani and Pole get shot by an Englishman.

But director of the Kent Equality Cohesion Council, Gurvinder Sandher says the joke is inappropriate.

Mr Sandher, who oversees race relations across Dartford and Gravesham, said: “Negative comments made by candidates standing in the local elections against minority communities are unhelpful and do not reflect the view of the majority.”

Mr Uncles admitted posting the joke, but says it was an experiment to test people’s reaction.

He said: “The joke is part of English culture.

“If people are told to stop telling jokes like these it turns into something like out of George Orwell’s 1984.

“It was an experiment to see what reaction I would get.”

A few months later on the same forum, Mr Uncles responded to criticism from a blogger by telling him to “go the same way as Chris Lightfoot.”

Mr Lightfoot was an online campaigner who had previously slammed English Democrat policies.

He committed suicide in 2007 aged 28. Mr Uncles admitted writing the post, but said Mr Lightfoot had attacked his party first by calling his party “fascist”.

He said: “Our leaflet went through his letterbox and he made the assumption we were a fascist party, nasty people who didn’t believe in nationalism.

“He attacked the English Democrats first.”

But Chair of Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide, Angela Samata said: “It doesn’t matter what the circumstances are – the effects of someone taking their own life is felt throughout the community.

“We have a support group in Dartford and it’s slightly worrying that someone who could be a policy maker in the town in the future is making comments like this.”

But in what has been described as “inappropriate”, Mr Uncles sent out a text message on April Fool’s day saying Mr Farage had been killed in a plane crash.

Mr Uncles says the text was sent in retaliation to Mr Farage, who he says had linked the BNP with the English Democrats.

He said: “Nigel sent out an email to the whole of UKIP saying the BNP’s Richard Barnbrook had joined the English Democrats which simply wasn’t true.

“If he wants to tell lies about us, then we’ll tell lies about him.

“And I sent it out on April 1 so it gives you slight licence.”

News Shopper spoke to Mr Farage, who said the joke was “inappropriate and awful.”

But chairman of Dartford English Democrats, Mike Tibby says he has no problems with what Mr Uncles writes.

He said: “There is no malice in it, no seriousness.

“He sent out the joke about Nigel Farage on April Fool’s day.

“If you are in politics, you will be controversial at times.

“The problem is, other parties are terrified we will take seats from them in the upcoming election, so they will do anything to show us in a bad light.”

Mr Uncles, who lived in West Hill ward for 10 years before moving to Wilmington, says he wants to bring a positive change to Dartford.

He said: “If we are successful to take control of the council, which we can as we have enough candidates, the main thing is to change Dartford high street to make it covered.

“We would put up a canvas cover, similar to the O2 zone, translucent for light to make it through and pleasant to shop there.

“We need to do something to revitalise the town that has been so neglected.”


A Polish guy drinks his beer then suddenly throws his glass in the air, pulls out a pistol and shoots the glass to pieces.

He says: “In Poland our glasses are so cheap that we don’t need to drink from the same glass twice.”

A Pakistani, obviously impressed by this, drinks his beer, throws the glass into the air, pulls out his AK-47 and shoots the glass to pieces.

He says: “In Pakistan we have so much sand to make glasses that we don’t need to drink out of the same glass twice either.”

An English chap, cool as a cucumber, picks up his beer and drinks it, throws the glass into the air, pulls out his gun and shoots the Pole and the Pakistani and catches his glass.

He says: “In England we now have that many Pakistanis and Poles that we don’t have to drink with the same ones twice.

“God Bless England!”


The party claims to be non racist and fighting for the people of England.
One would be forgiven for thinking otherwise after reading many unsavoury posts and information around the net.

I would even stretch as far as predicting one of the idiots try to make a personal court case from someone doing just that.

Ooops too late.

Bloggers for Ukip 


Monday, 28 November 2011

BNP Butler joined BNP Barnbrook in the English Democrats

Eddy Butler, the former National Front, former BNP, former Freedom Party, former BNP a couple more times, former BNP national elections co-ordinator, has joined the English Democrats.
The announcement, which was the EDP’s worst kept secret since his mate Richard Barnbrook joined in January, will be a bitter blow to the handful of party activists that haven’t yet joined UKIP who had hoped to stop the BNP takeover of the party.
UKIP recently announced a revised devolution policy that would see the creation of a federal UK with devolved parliaments for all four home nations.  The final touches are being put to the full devolution policy paper before it goes to the membership for ratification.  UKIP is the only non-racist, mainstream democratic party advocating the creation of a federal UK with equality for all four home nations.
English Democrats: not left, not right, just racist.Update:
The Chairman of the English Democrats, Robin Tilbrook, has issued a threat by email demanding the removal of this post, an apology for defamation and an undertaking not to criticise the English Democrats again.  His email and my reply are in the comments and needless to say he’s going to be very disappointed.  Robin is a solicitor and as such I would expect him to know that you can’t defame a political party but judging by this latest email and the previous threats I’ve had off him over the years (none of which had the desired effect, naturally) I can only assume the Chairman of the English Democrats is just very bad at his job.

Item 7 in the English Democrats’ Communications Officer’s report of the Saturday’s monthly NEC meeting says:

7. The membership application from Eddy Butler to join the English Democrats was accepted

A copy of the report can be found on the England Exists blog, amongst other places.  Chris Beverley – another prominent BNP activist that the English Democrats accepted into their ranks – also confirms that Eddy Butler has joined the English Democrats.

The LinkWithin computermable thinks these posts are similar to this one …
BNP Barnbrook joins English Democrats
BNP on the verge of bankruptcy (again)
Decline of a BNP Great White Hope
Posted by Stuart Parr at 12:39 
About the author:
Stuart Parr is a UKIP parish councillor for the Brookside ward in Telford & Wrekin and the founder and administrator of Bloggers4UKIP. Stuart is also a member of the Campaign for an English Parliament, writes a personal blog Wonko’s Worldand tweets as @wonkotsane.

raymond jones's avatarraymond jones· 14 weeks ago

sounds really messy UKIP is tidy party in comparison The house of Briton is already a mess, another mess is not good to go for.

Daggs's avatarDaggs· 14 weeks ago

As a former supporter of the ED’s i hope UKIP ARE going to follow up the talk of supporting an English Parliament. Because for all their faults (which are increasing daily) The ED’s have been the only ‘serious’ political party addressing the central issue, up to now.

1 reply · active 14 weeks ago


tony justice's avatartony justice· 14 weeks ago

bullshit I left them i march as a ex HM forces i wasn’t going to be polluted by there support for the scum of sinn fein/IRA
the EDP a republican anti English end of GSTQ,any of them wish to sue me they know where i live bring it on SU
Poor Robin Tilbrook has had this post brought to his attention and has emailed me (copying in a former member of the English Democrats) demanding the article’s removal, an apology for defamation and an undertaking not to criticise the English Democrats again.———————————————

Dear Mr Parr,
Your blog entry has been brought to my attention. It is a gross defamation of myself and all members of the English Democrats. Accordingly if it is not taken down forthwith then I shall be issing proceedings against you.
I also require an apology from you and an undertaking that there will be no repetition.
Robin Tilbrook
The English Democrats


Dear Robin,

Which bit do you think is defamatory? For your sake, be careful with your reply and threats because they will be published as soon as I’ve read them.


p.s. Not sure why you feel the need to copy Eddie Bone in on emails you send me, I’m given to believe he is no longer a member of the English Democrats, but in case he still retains an interest I’ll keep him on the email.

5 replies · active 14 weeks ago

Two more emails from Robin and my reply …———————–

Thank you for your email.
I don’t think that you are really so unintelligent that you are not fully aware of what defamatory remarks you have made.
Any allegations by you of us being “Racist” needs no negative proof on our side. The law is clear that you would need to prove that such a remark is true. That would be impossible, as it is clearly not true. What is more, your publication of this lie is not merely defamatory but is also a malicious falsehood.
Your faux concern for “my sake” is noted. I say not quite “publish and be damned” but rather publish and I will see you in the High Court. I respectfully suggest that you might wish to take legal advice before you take such a radical step with your family’s future.
I give you this warning because I regard you as being an English Nationalist, albeit misguided, and also despite the fact that what you have done aleady makes you legally liable for substancial damages. If you spurn my somewhat generous gesture then you will be the author of your own misfortune.
PS I only copied in Eddie Bone because you have clearly breached your duty as a member of the NC of the CEP by behaving in this disgraceful manner and unless you retract I shall expect disciplinary action to be taken against you.
PPS You may not be aware that Richard Barnbrook has never been a member of the English Democrats.


I notice that you have already been foolish enough to persist in your folly but don’t think that the superficially informed commentator who mentions Goldsmith vs Bhoyrul and Others (1997) is offering you any useful help as it won’t be the English Democrats who will sue you but rather it will be me and there is no such fetter on my rights to sue you.
Robin Tilbrook



Thank you for the superficial display of concern, you don’t need to be concerned for me. You are aware that a political party cannot sue for defamation and presumably you are aware that the same precedent says that a politician can’t sue for something said about them in their capacity as a politician. If you think you can convince a judge to overturn the precedent for you then go for it and if you can pick out any false statement made by me about you in your personal capacity in that post then knock yourself out.

You may recall, Robin, a telephone conversation that we had some 2 or 3 years ago where you advised me to take out legal insurance if I wanted to protect myself against the cost of defending vexatious litigation. Unlike you, I know good advice when I hear it.

What I find surprising is that as a solicitor you seem to fail to grasp the basic principles of defamation. Firstly, you would have to convince a judge that criticism of your party is personal criticism of you and then that that criticism was directed at you in your personal capacity, not in your capacity as a politician. You would then have to convince a judge that these comments were detrimental to the reputation of the leader of a political party crippled with debt that is actively recruiting racists from the BNP. You couldn’t even convince a judge that HSBC’s decision to refuse the English Democrats a bank account on the basis that the party is English was discriminating against you because you’re English despite precedent having already been set that recognises the English as a distinct race/ethnicity inside the UK.

But like I said, if you think you can convince a judge that black is white then you knock yourself out.


p.s. Thanks for the clarification about Eddie, I’m told he left the English Democrats some time ago.
p.p.s. I haven’t been an active member of the CEP’s NC for some time and of course this has nothing to do with the CEP but if you believe that criticising the English Democrats is a breach of my duty as an NC member, I’m sure you can point to a document that backs up that defamatory statement


Mr Rob's avatarMr Rob· 14 weeks ago

On the issue of racism, only just now I have read this on a political forum, from a poster who claims to be an English Democrat activist – follow the link, posts #113 and #114…
A clarification on Richard Barnbrook: I have discovered that his membership of the English Democrats was blocked by the London branch of the party who refused to deal with him. The following statement was made by the English Democrats prior to Barnbrook’s membership being blocked:Following an invitation by Derek Hilling the National Party Secretary of the English Democrats, Richard Barnbrook – London Assembly Member, attended the English Democrats National Council meeting on Saturday 15 January 2011 in Coventry to explain why, he would like to join the English Democrats party.

Following discussion, and debate, the English Democrats National Council voted to allow Richard Barnbrook to join the English Democrats party in the Capacity as London Assembly Member, subject to further discussions/agreement with the English Democrats London Area Council.


Robin Tilbrook (National Party Chairman)
Steven Uncles (National Communications Director)

announced their intention to abstain from the vote, for reasons given at the time to the National Council Meeting, before the vote took place.

Final correspondence (with a bit of luck as I’m bored of the charade already) on the subject …Stuart
You are mistaken about most of the remarks that you make here. I take it that you are wanting to see what the High Court says and I will accordingly start the process tomorrow.


Then we’ll end this discussion here and now and I’ll wait for your solicitor’s letter (assuming you’re not going to represent yourself again).


Mr Rob's avatarMr Rob· 14 weeks ago

This is very reminiscent of the unfortunate affair concerning the late Chris Lightfoot. If Mr Tilbrook does not take action against you, I wonder if he will try the tactic employed by his close English Democrat colleague Steve Uncles and wait for you to die, and then post defamatory comments about you on his blog.
Nothing but a bully, cant sue you, like to see him try, a few of us will come in your defence armed with screencaps, links and many other things that will blow his silly case out of the court.

1 reply · active 13 weeks ago


tony justice's avatartony justice· 13 weeks ago

please ask me to back you up will be there in a shot
Best tell Uncles to expect a summons for all he has said about Ukip, One England and English peoples party.Grow up Robin and wind you solicitors neck in. A political party can not sue for defamation.

Goldsmith vs Bhoyrul and Others (1997) set the precedent that political parties cannot sue for defamation. Mr Justice Buckley ruled that “Defamation actions or threat of them would constitute a fetter on free speech at a time and on a topic when it is clearly in the public interest that there should be none.”

Lol, there is no such fetter on any persons rights to them bringing copies of uncles racist jokes and other screencaps, treatment of members and the alliances with EFP and their views, Beverley photos links screencaps etc, Trent on the campaign trail for you his past lovely photos, members denying the holocaust and Butlers past, Alan Englands statements over the internet and other things to the hearing. I have quite the catalogue of now, free to any one that wishes to, or needs to use them.If I hear of it, I will make sure press are available at the hearing and for comments outside. I bet the BBC would be interested in this one. Maybe the politics show that you told fibs on stating Uncles will never be speaking for the party, then three weeks later, BOOM, there he is on the same show.

Pip Pip

Lol, there is no such fetter on any persons rights to them bringing copies of uncles racist jokes and other screencaps, treatment of members and the alliances with EFP and their views, Beverley photos links screencaps etc, Trent on the campaign trail for you his past lovely photos, members denying the holocaust and Butlers past, Alan Englands statements over the internet and other things to the hearing. I have quite the catalogue of now, free to any one that wishes to, or needs to use them.

Tykeinkent's avatarTykeinkent· 14 weeks ago

Butler’s membership is confirmed on Tilbrook’s blog.…
Enough evidence in this article for you to make a speculative claim, this is the mayoral candidate’s campaign manager too.
Going to be fun bringing all this up in the London press. Tilbrook. will be happy losing this case and the elections.
Now every one needs to remember Stuart is a respected English nationalist, on the NC of the CEP .
He is being sued by Tilbrook  as he has taken it, supposedly, personally.
Tilbrook allowed the shift to the right, allowed Butler “rights For Whites” ex NF, combat 18 etc in the party, alleged Nazi Chris Beverley, holocaust denying Frank O’Brien among others into the party.So the self proclaimed saviour of English nationalism, makes the EDP and himself, the most hated party and people in the whole sphere of nationalism, British nationalist hate them, English nationalists hate them.

Tilbrook  and Uncles seem to be using the English nationalist cause to feather their own nests.  To stroke their Egos and get a return on the money they put into the paarty.

They go out of their way to destroy anything that is pro England and English parliament with gusto, smaller parties get mocked and larger ones are smeared.They are not fighting for the English cause they are just trying to get as much out of it as they can.

London beware, if any of these folk get in power your kids will be birched, your foreign descenting neighbours deported and their pledges not followed through, like cast iron Dave, Uncles and Tilbrook are ex tories  and so you know,  their pledges will fall as flat as the Euro. Just look at the failed Doncaster pledges.


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