Robin Tilbrook admits a loss of 500 EDP members in 6 months!

Posted by Cassie AKA Alan England in Tilbrook’s name last September.…onference.html

The English Democrats are pleased to announce that our 10th AGM will be held at the Leicester Hilton on Saturday 24th from 10.00 to 5.30.

The English Democrats have been steadily building up support with increasing membership numbers (now over 3,500), with increasing electoral success, our Mayor of Doncaster and now two Councillors in Boston elected in May, and with increasing success in promoting our policy of elected mayors throughout all English councils. There is also increasing support for our core policy of an English Parliament, First Minister and Government, with at least the same powers as the Scottish ones. UKIP is now trying to join our campaign and the Liberal Democrats and Labour are also discussing the English issues with increasing seriousness.

Robin Tilbrook, the Chairman of the English Democrats said:- “I am looking forward to welcoming Party Members to our conference which is being held in the heart of England at a time when after 10 years campaigning we are increasingly close to the point of the breakthrough to electoral success and can see that our aim of an English Parliament is now looking genuinely attainable within the next 10 years.”

Robin Tilbrook,
The English Democrats

Robin Tilbrook on his selection as Mayoral Candidate. 1st March 2012.London Mayoral Candidate announced

The English Democrats are pleased to announce that at a recent National Council meeting our National Party Chairman, Robin Tilbrook, was selected to stand as our prospective candidate for London Mayor.

The English Democrats are currently in the process of selecting their London Assembly Party List candidates and also London Assembly Constituency candidates. While the selection process is not yet complete, many of our candidates have already been selected.

Robin Tilbrook, the Party Chairman and the English Democrats’ prospective London Mayoral candidate said:- “I am delighted to be selected as the prospective English Democrats’ candidate for the London Mayor. I look forward to the chance to make the case for an English parliament and English Government in England’s historic capital city.”

Robin also said:- “We are still, as yet a small Party with approximately 3,000 members and so we have a big task ahead of ourselves both in terms of raising the 330 signatures, from the 32 London Boroughs and City of London, and also in raising the necessary £10,000 for the Mayoral Deposit, £10,000 for the booklet, £5,000 for the Party List deposit, £1,000 for each of the Assembly Constituencies and the approximate £10,000 for a Party Election Broadcast, together with the cost of printing all the leaflets that will be necessary to deliver to mount the best campaign that can be managed!”

In September 2011 he claimed “now over 3,500”

In March 2012 he claims “approximately 3,000”

Wonder what the real total is?


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