Eddy Butler and the rejects want you to sign Tilbrooks petition – Including a guest post by Toque

Some of the rejects from the BNP are urging English nationalists to sign a petition by Robin Tilbrook.

Point one: Robin has signed it off as the Chairman of the English Democrats. So automatically it is an Edp petition not an English nationalist one.

Point two: I would not sign anything by a man that sues real English Nationalists for profit. The person he is suing has  lobbied for Ukip to take on the policy that Paul Nuttall has proposed, A union for the Future.  A policy that incorporates and English parliament in a federal arena. He lobbies MP’s is a councillor and an NC member of  The Campaign for an English Parliament ( at time of writing).

Robin is owner, chairman and funder of the Edp. That’s it. The EDp are rife with ex BNP and the rejects from the BNP, They had dealings with England First Party, their chief fundraiser is ex NF,  Butler has Joined along with Beverley the Jobbik and A E N  supporter.
Who recently had meetings and got the Edp listed as an ally of the far right neo nazi Russky Orbaz.

The real English nationalist made a parody of the slogan the EDP indoctrinated like to band about, So Robin is suing him.

Hopefully this case will be won by our friend and not Robin. Also Robin and the EDP get what they deserve over this act of treason to the English nationalist cause.

Its about England, not about a party funded by hobbyists and egotists.

Toques Post:

Robin Tilbrook: Sign my petition

Robin Tilbrook is asking people to sign the e-petition he’s lodged with the British Government:

We, the undersigned, demand immediate legislation to call a referendum of the Sovereign People of England, to take place on or before the date of the Independence Referendum in Scotland. This Referendum must seek the Mandate of the English Nation to create an English Parliament, with a First Minister and Government for England, with at least the same powers as the Scottish ones.

It’s more concise than the earlier petition by Andrew Constantine and, importantly, it specifically asks that the decision should be taken by the English people. Unfortunately, for all it’s merits, it is unlikely that significant numbers of people will be willing to put their name to a petition emanating from the desk of Robin Tilbrook, a man whose associates include Steve UnclesEngland FirstRussky ObrazEddy Butler, Chris Beverley and various other BNP rejects.

But if you can overcome your revulsion for Tilbrook, you can sign his petition here.


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I am and Englishman who is fed up with the way the Government and others treats the people of England

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