The Liar, The Vast Waist and Cheap Wardrobe a.k.a Steve Uncles needs to get a grip of something other than his little friend in the early hours of the morning..

Steve Uncles of the English Democrats, friends with racists and Russian Neo Nazis, has resorted to making up stories. The self aggrandised political heavy weight ( 25 Stones last weigh in) has taken it upon himself to make up and spread stories about folk.

This is all to our merriment, I made up some badges and those of us named in the fictitious Black ops unit have taken to sporting them on our FB and elsewhere.

Hopefully he will keep this silliness going as it is showing how mad he actually is in my opinion.





Bloggers4UKIP Said

At some point, another UKIP member and prominent English nationalist, Jamie McCaffery, was also declared as a member of “UKIP Black Ops” and of course it was a natural progression for him to decide that I too am a member of “UKIP Black Ops” and in the pay of Nigel Farage.

Jamie and Gareth found this most amusing and created a “UKIP Black Ops” badge of honour for their Facebook profile pictures.

Ed …………. it is interesting that Bloggers4UKIP has finally exposed the “UKIP Black-Ops cell” that has caused so much damage to the English Cause over the past 18 months in the personal pay of Nigel Farage.


About englishwarrior

I am and Englishman who is fed up with the way the Government and others treats the people of England

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