Has Steve Uncles lost the plot? UKIP Black ops. (Including a post by Toque)

A number of fellow English nationalists and others are being accused now of infiltrating the English democrats.


Because Uncles is running scared because all the decent people are leaving the English democrats and joining UKIP.

UKip are in the process of adopting a federal policy including an English parliament and one that actually gives a solution rather than a soundbyte.

The English Democrats are taking in all the ex BNP and BNP rejects ( those suspended or kicked out), they seem to be lurching to the right to take over the BNP spot in the political sphere.

But the brainchild of Uncles and allegedly Tilbrook is back firing as many are joining UKip because they are civic nationalist and a mix of ex Conservative Labour , Lib Dem and libertarians. More palatable and have better prospects as they are on the cusp of over taking the Lib  Dems in all polls and the minds of people wanting a change, so in essence will become one of the big three by 2015.

EDP could/should be left behind in their BNP spot.

So Uncles (the enemy within) is trying to smear folk including non Ukip members by creating a farcical idea that we all infiltrated the EDp to cause mischief.

I left the EDP because of the England First Party links along Uncles and his crew of rich bullies. Their actions and total disregard of democracy in the party was not to my taste.

Not the politics of grown ups to say the least.

So now to the matter in hand.
Uncles needs to either get medical help or should grow up in my opinion.

To my fellow UKip Black Ops Guys and Gals.

‎’Broadsword calling Danny Boy, Broadsword calling Danny boy,come in….’

Where Eagles Dare

The Badge of Honour I made based on Anon’s Logo.

Here is Toque’s take on his so called involvement with




UKIP Black Ops

blackops.jpgJust a short explanatory note about the UKIP Black Ops image that has recently appeared on this blog. Steve Uncles has outed a number of fake English nationalists who together are a part of a covert UKIP cell, codenamed ‘UKIP Black Ops’, whose sole purpose is to undermine the English Democrats. And according to Steve Uncles I am one of them.

There are, of course, some problems with Uncles’ story.

  1. The English Democrats do not require undermining from outside agencies, Steve Uncles does that very well from the inside.
  2. I am not a member of UKIP.
  3. If I was a member of UKIP Black Ops I would not be writing about them now because, as everybody knows, the first rule of UKIP Black Ops is: you do not talk about UKIP Black Ops.

On this occasion I’m happy to humour Uncles, hence the UKIP Black Ops badge.


About englishwarrior

I am and Englishman who is fed up with the way the Government and others treats the people of England

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  1. I think without a shadow of a doubt Mr Uncles has clearly lost the plot.

  2. Presuming of course Julieb, that Mr Uncles ever HAD the plot in the first place.

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