English Parliament Opinion Polls


English Parliament Opinion Polls

Ipsos-Mori for British Future | January 2012

Question: Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have had their own parliament or assembly for some years. Members vote on some issues that affect only their respective countries, for example, on issues about health and education. Issues affecting England can be voted on by all MPs sitting in Westminster. This means that English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish MPs can vote on issues that are only of relevance to England. Which one of the following do you think should happen?


We should keep things as they are (Status Quo): 21%
We should set up a new English Parliament to decide on England-only issues: 52%
We should do away with the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Ireland Parliaments and make all decisions in the UK Parliament at Westminster (End Devolution): 14%
Don’t know: 13%


Further information: British Future report | Data

ICM for Power2010 | April 2010

Question: England should have its own parliament with similar powers to those of the Scottish Parliament.



Strongly agree: 43%
Slightly agree: 25%
Neither agree nor disagree: 10%
Slightly disagree: 8%
Strongly disagree: 12%

Further information: 7 out of 10 back English Parliament | Data

YouGov for the Jury Team | September 2009

Question: Below is a list of policy ideas. Imagine each one was put to the country in a referendum. For each one please say whether you would vote in favour or against each proposal, or if you wouldn’t vote at all.

PROPOSAL 11. Setting up an English Parliament to decide matters that affect only England.



I would vote YES 58%
I would vote NO 20%
Wouldn’t vote 8%
Don’t know 14%

Further information: Jury Team website | Data

Populus for the Times | April 2009

Question: Do you now support or oppose the idea of there also being an English Parliament, or if you don’t have a view either way please say.



Support an English Parliament 41%
Oppose an English Parliament 15%
Don’t Know 44%

Further information: Populus for the Times | Data

ICM for the Telegraph | December 2007

Question: There is now a Scottish Parliament, and devolved assemblies in Wales and Northern Ireland. Which of the following options would you prefer for England?

A: Laws for England should be made by the House of Commons, and all MPs from all of the UK should be able to vote on them, as now

B: Laws for England should be made by the House of Commons, but only English MPs should be able to vote on them

C: England should have its own parliament, while remaining part of the United Kingdom

D: England should become independent, separate from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

E: None of these

F: Don’t know



Status Quo (SQ) 32%
English Votes on English Laws (EVoEL) 25%
English Parliament [within the Union] (EP) 20%
England should become Independent (Ind) 15%
Don’t know (DK) 6%
None of these (None) 2%

Further information: Telegraph graphic | Data

ICM for the Campaign for an English Parliament | April 2007

Question: You may have seen or heard that a separate Scottish parliament, a Welsh assembly and a Northern Ireland assembly have been established. Do you think that England should or should not have its own parliament or assembly?



Should be an English parliament 67.32%
Should Not be an English parliament (SN) 24.25%
Don’t Know (DN) 8.43%

Further information: CEP Press Release | Data

YouGov for the Sunday Times | April 2007

Question: Thinking about the way England is governed in the light of devolution to Scotland and Wales, which of the following would be your preferred option.

A: A separate English parliament with similar powers to the Scottish Parliament

B: Stopping MPs from Scottish and Welsh seats from voting on matters that affect only England

C: Keeping the current arrangements as they are

D: None of the above

E: Don’t know



English parliament (EP) 21%
English Votes on English Laws (EVoEL) 51%
Status Quo (SQ) 12%
None of the above (None) 4%
Don’t know (DK) 12%

Further information: Data

Opinion Research Business for BBC Newsnight | January 2007

Question: In 1998 the creation of a Scottish Parliament and a Welsh Assembly gave these countries certain powers that were previously held by the UK parliament in Westminster. Do you think that an English Parliament should now be established?



Yes – should have an English Parliament 61%
No – should not have an English Parliament 32%
Don’t mind either way (Other) 1%
Don’t know enough about it (Other) 2%
No opinion (Other) 2%
Don’t Know (Other) 2%

Further information: BBC website | Data

ICM for the Daily Mail | January 2007

Question: There is now a Scottish Parliament, and devolved assemblies in Wales and Northern Ireland. Do you think there should or should not be a parliament for England only?



Should be an English parliament 51.42%
Should Not be an English parliament (SN) 41.22%
Don’t Know (DN) 7.36%

Further information: Daily Mail graphic | Data

ICM for the Sunday Telegraph | November 2006

Question: Would you be in favour or against the establishment of an English Parliament within the UK, with similar powers to those currently enjoyed by the Scottish Parliament?



In Favour of an English Parliament 58%
Against an English Parliament 31%
Don’t Know 11%

Links: Telegraph | Data

IPSOS MORI for the English Constitutional Convention | June 2006

Question: With all the constitutional changes going on in the way different parts of the UK are run, which are creating national Parliaments for Scotland and Wales, which of the following do you think would be best for England…

A: For England to be governed as it is now, with laws made by the UK Parliament even though this means that Scottish and Welsh MPs can vote on English-only issues

B: For England to be divided into Regions with each having its own Assembly

C: For England as a whole to have its own national Parliament with similar law-making powers to the Scottish Parliament

D: None

E: Don’t Know



Status Quo (SQ) 32%
Regional Assemblies (RA) 14%
English Parliament (EP) 41%
None 4%
Don’t know (DK) 9%

Further information: Ipsos MORI website | English Constitutional Convention press release

YouGov for the English Democrats | Feb 2004

Question: Which of the following options do you prefer?

A: The division of England into nine Regions, each having their own elected assemblies, which will have power to take some decisions but not to create new laws

B: A Parliament for England with the power to allow it to develop and implement policies which reflect the particular needs of the people of England

C: Scottish and Welsh members of the UK Parliament having their voting rights restricted to prevent them from voting on England-only issues

D: Continue with the status quo

E: Don’t know

Result: (figures on graph slightly out due to rounding error in data)


Regional Assemblies (RA) 11%
English Parliament (EP) 24%
English Votes on English Laws (EVoEL) 47%
Status Quo (SQ) 12%
Don’t know (DK) 7%

Further information: Data

NOP for the Campaign for an English Parliament | April 2002

Question: At the moment as well as the Parliament in Westminster, Scotland has its own Parliament, Wales and Northern Ireland have their own Assemblies. England however does not have either. It has been suggested that England should have either its own English Parliament, along with the Westminster Parliament or have nine English Regional Assemblies.

Which of these statements, if any, best sums up your opinion about this?

A. England should have its own English Parliament

B. England should be made up of nine Regional Assemblies (RA)

C. Don’t Know



English Parliament (EP) 47%
Regional Assemblies (RA) 28%
Don’t Knows 25%.

Further information: Data


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