Dartford council candidate Steven Uncles stands by jokes about a Pakistani and suicide victim – Guest post by Toque.

Dartford council candidate Steven Uncles stands by jokes about a Pakistani and suicide victim

Submitted by Toque on Sat, 12/31/2011 – 19:44

Previously I published screenshots of Steve Uncles’ ‘joke’ about shooting a Pakistani dead. At the time Uncles denied posting the jokes and claimed that someone had posted the joke on a forum under his name. To bring things up to date it is worth posting this story from the Dartford News Shopper in which Uncles stands by his joke.

Dartford council candidate Steven Uncles stands by jokes about a Pakistani and suicide victim

A DARTFORD council candidate who made a joke about a Pakistani and a suicide victim has stood by his comments.

Steven Uncles, who also started a rumour that UKIP leader Nigel Farage had died in a plane crash, is running as the English Democrat’s candidate for West Hill ward.

In February 2009, Mr Uncles, 47, posted a joke entitled ‘English Drinking Rule’ to the British Democracy Forum, in which a Pakistani and Pole get shot by an Englishman.

But director of the Kent Equality Cohesion Council, Gurvinder Sandher says the joke is inappropriate.

Mr Sandher, who oversees race relations across Dartford and Gravesham, said: “Negative comments made by candidates standing in the local elections against minority communities are unhelpful and do not reflect the view of the majority.”

Mr Uncles admitted posting the joke, but says it was an experiment to test people’s reaction.

He said: “The joke is part of English culture.

“If people are told to stop telling jokes like these it turns into something like out of George Orwell’s 1984.

“It was an experiment to see what reaction I would get.”

A few months later on the same forum, Mr Uncles responded to criticism from a blogger by telling him to “go the same way as Chris Lightfoot.”

Mr Lightfoot was an online campaigner who had previously slammed English Democrat policies.

He committed suicide in 2007 aged 28. Mr Uncles admitted writing the post, but said Mr Lightfoot had attacked his party first by calling his party “fascist”.

He said: “Our leaflet went through his letterbox and he made the assumption we were a fascist party, nasty people who didn’t believe in nationalism.

“He attacked the English Democrats first.”

But Chair of Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide, Angela Samata said: “It doesn’t matter what the circumstances are – the effects of someone taking their own life is felt throughout the community.

“We have a support group in Dartford and it’s slightly worrying that someone who could be a policy maker in the town in the future is making comments like this.”

But in what has been described as “inappropriate”, Mr Uncles sent out a text message on April Fool’s day saying Mr Farage had been killed in a plane crash.

Mr Uncles says the text was sent in retaliation to Mr Farage, who he says had linked the BNP with the English Democrats.

He said: “Nigel sent out an email to the whole of UKIP saying the BNP’s Richard Barnbrook had joined the English Democrats which simply wasn’t true.

“If he wants to tell lies about us, then we’ll tell lies about him.

“And I sent it out on April 1 so it gives you slight licence.”

News Shopper spoke to Mr Farage, who said the joke was “inappropriate and awful.”

But chairman of Dartford English Democrats, Mike Tibby says he has no problems with what Mr Uncles writes.

He said: “There is no malice in it, no seriousness.

“He sent out the joke about Nigel Farage on April Fool’s day.

“If you are in politics, you will be controversial at times.

“The problem is, other parties are terrified we will take seats from them in the upcoming election, so they will do anything to show us in a bad light.”

Mr Uncles, who lived in West Hill ward for 10 years before moving to Wilmington, says he wants to bring a positive change to Dartford.

He said: “If we are successful to take control of the council, which we can as we have enough candidates, the main thing is to change Dartford high street to make it covered.

“We would put up a canvas cover, similar to the O2 zone, translucent for light to make it through and pleasant to shop there.

“We need to do something to revitalise the town that has been so neglected.”

Yesterday UKIP leader Nigel Farage was forced to deny that he had died after his Wikipedia page was altered to include this passage about his demise:

On 29 December 2011, Farage met his death from brain damage he received from falling down a flight of stairs in his own residence, fracturing his skull along with other injuries. He was rushed to the Royal Brompton Hospital where he died soon later.

Which was later elaborated upon to become this:

Little is currently known about his death on 29 December 2011, however, it is speculated that his wife heard him fall down the stairs at approximately 10:30 pm local time on 28 December 2011. She proceeded to call the paramedics who arrived in less than 30 minutes. They rushed him to the hospital where the doctors determined he had a Intercranial Hemorrhage. He slipped into a coma later that night and died early in the morning of 29 December 2011.

It takes a special type of idiot to do this sort of thing.

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  1. I have experience of this man and he is clearly off his head. the lift doesn’t quite go up to the top floor. The sooner he is sectioned under the Mental Health Act the better.

    He is at the very least a buffoon and at the worst, a dangerous stalker and madman.

  2. Barnbrook applied for membership, it was agreed by the English Democrats’ NEC, he was offered a place on the London regional list and he only decided not to join when the London Branch refused to have anything to do with him which scuppered his chances. Uncles is a tit, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was behind the Wikipedia article. Trading Standards should prosecute the English Democrats for misleading advertising – I doubt Tilbrook or Uncles know what the word “Democrat” means.

  3. Geoff Courtenay

    This man & anyone who follows him are a load of psychos, whom I would like to see barred from office.

    Antime that Dartford has a by election, I bwould be happy to campaign against him.

    Hopefully there will be a UKIP candidate to back as UKIP are the only credible, non ‘racist party’ prepared to deal with the uncontrolled mass immigration problems that Britain has.

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