UKIP Wales ignoring public opinion … again. Guest post by Wonkotsane

UKIP Wales ignoring public opinion … again

UKIP Wales has ignored countless opinion polls and two Welsh referenda in favour of devolution and published a “counter-proposal” to Paul Nuttal’s Union for the Future policy proposal.

The “counter-proposal” is basically a restating of UKIP’s currently policy that doesn’t make sense, has minority support amongst the electorate and is so fundamentally flawed that it could never work.  The document contains just about every lie, misconception and misunderstanding about devolution that has been put out by the Big Britishers that oppose devolution.
I have taken apart the “counter proposal” almost line by line (it’s that bad) and corrected it.  You can read it here.

The message from the party on this rubbish from UKIP Wales is that the NEC supports Union for the Future, the policy committee supports Union for the Future and the leader supports Union for the Future.


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  1. The Welsh 5th columist reponse to UKIP was incorrect to say that the Welsh Assembly has frozen council tax. Infact it increased whilst English councils froze it this year and next year.

    • Monmouthshire had their frozen , North Wales could of but it never got implicated and some of the other areas, I think the author was generalising.

      although I do concede that the Labour run Assembly is now refusing to blanket the freezing to the whole of Wales.
      Council Tax
      As part of the UK Spending Review, the UK Government announced its proposals to compensate local authorities in England that decide to implement a council tax freeze for 2011-12 with specific grant funding equivalent to a 2.5% tax increase. It is clear from the SR that the £700m a year that it estimates such a scheme will cost is being top-sliced from the money provided through the RSG to fund core services. There is no additional money.

      An equivalent top-slice for Wales would amount to around £32m. Top slicing this funding similar to England would mean the local government facing a reduction in their settlement of 2.2% in 2011-12, rather than the 1.4% I am proposing. I am distributing the whole RSG pot for the benefit of all local authorities and their citizens in Wales. Providing the funding within the settlement will allow councils to freeze their council tax if they so choose providing they can reconcile this with the need to sustain services and without prejudicing the protection we are providing for schools and social care funding. The choice is theirs. It will be for each local authority to justify their decision on this issue to their citizens. I expect local authorities to be very forensic in their consideration of the balance between the need to sustain key services for their citizens’ benefit and the need to limit any additional pressure on hard-pressed households. from :

      The councils have the choice to freeze too.

      Hope that helps.

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