Jollies at taxpayers’ expense: the BNP and the English Democrats

Jollies at taxpayers’ expense: the BNP and the English Democrats < Original Article

Interesting article on today’s Daily Telegraph website.

The article refers to the BNP, Chris Beverley and Eddy Butler.  Beverley and Butler are on the staff of Michael Brons MEP.


Brons has had a colourful political career.  He was elected as an MEP on the BNP ticket and earlier this year lost by a few votes an election for the leadership of the BNP.

The BNP is in turmoil.  Members have left.  Brons is involved with the Brent Group.  See:

Beverley and Butler have joined the English Democrats, although both work still for Brons.
Butler uses his blog to castigate his former BNP colleagues:

Beverley delivered a major speech at the English Democrats’ September 2011 conference.

I am surprised that Gilligan, in his Daily Telegraph article, makes no reference to the political party affiliation of Butler and Beverley.

The fact is that both are English Democrats whilst on the staff of Brons who is still a BNP MEP.  See:

I trust a correction will be made. We wouldn’t want people thinking Beverley and Butler are only connected with the BNP, would we?

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