Doctors Try to Separate Nick Clegg’s Faces

Doctors Try to Separate Nick Clegg’s Faces


Doctors Try to Separate Nick Clegg’s Faces

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Medical experts say they are working around the clock to separate the two faces of the Deputy Prime Minister in what they say is one of the most severe cases of hypocrisy they have ever come across.

“This case has shocked all of us,” said a duplicity specialist. “It appears that Mr Clegg will say one thing but just a few days later say the complete opposite.”

Observers say they noticed Mr Clegg’s symptoms worsen over the weekend after he watched the EU summit on television and words of agreement appeared to fall out of his mouth.

“We knew he might be in trouble when he said he was going onto the Andrew Marr Show on Sunday,” said one of Mr Clegg’s flip-flops. “As soon as he sat down he looked visibly inconsistent and suddenly started spraying loads of contrary opinions all over the sofa.”

In Monday’s key speech by the Prime Minister to Parliament, Mr Clegg was noticeably absent and was instead replaced by small smear of grease.

Insiders say they are now worried that Mr Clegg’s uncontrollable bouts of deceit might impact on his role as Deputy Prime Minister which requires him to butter David Cameron’s crumpets.

“We never know which version of him is going to come in to the office each day,” said a colleague, “Although luckily they’re both as useless as each other.”


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