Have the English Democrats NC turned their backs on Civic Nationalism to go (radical) Right Wing?

Posted by Cliff Dixon on the BDF

The NC that signed the death knell on civic nationalism

It is now well known that Eddy Butler, the man behind the BNP’s ‘rights for whites’ campaign in the nineties, was allowed to join the English Democrats on a vote by their national council on Saturday.

The Vote went as follows –

For – 8
Abstain – 1
Against – 1

The members of the NC who attended on Saturday were –

Roger Cooper (London & Middlesex Chairman, Parliamentary candidate for the Feltham & Heston by-election).
Alan Bennett-Spencer
Derek Hilling (Party Secretary)
Robin Tilbrook (Party Chairman)
Steve Uncles (South East Chairman)
David Ford Lane (West Midlands chairman and communications officer)
Charles Vickers (Eastern Area Chairman)
Martin Butler (Southern area secretary)
Mark Lancaster (Southern Area Chairman)
Stephen Morris (North West Chairman)

It has also been well documented on the net that the member of the NC who voted against was Stephen Morris, and I have good information that the abstention was Mark Lancaster (Who is an all round decent bloke when he doesn’t set the dogs on you )
The rest should hang their heads in shame for allowing what should have been the natural home for English patriots to be sold down the river to the ego that is Butler, and more importantly the rabble that will follow him in.

My decision to join UKIP is looking better by the day, especially in view of the likelihood of the English Parliament policy which is the ED main plank being adopted. For those patriots left in the ED who wish to make a difference to our country and help to secure a future for all of our citizens, I urge you to look at the alternatives rather than to stay in an organisation that is tainted by the associations with the far right forged by Steven Uncles and endorsed by the spineless actions of the majority of the ED National Council.

Addendum: If this is the case? As Cliff says, hang your head in shame you traitorous bunch of Butlerphiles.

You have hammered the nail in the coffin of the civic nationalists in the party.


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I am and Englishman who is fed up with the way the Government and others treats the people of England

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  1. If UKIP’s pro-federal idea, including an English parliament, is ratified, and becomes official party policy, the EDs are all but finished. It’s a good thing that UKIP has a rule (or at least a practice of)preventing those with BNP connections from joining. I was an ED member until March or April, when I resigned. I’d seen the warning signs earlier, but finally accepted that it was pointless hoping that reason would prevail in the EDs.

    Slightly off topic, I can’t understand why Sean Varnham joined the Tories, of all people, when he left the EDs. Doesn’t he realise that the big three parties all hate England with a passion?

    • Good move.

      ref Sean. He has his reasons and most of which were highlighted in his blog. Maybe the best person to ask is Sean. The Medway Tories do good work for the local community, I understand that was a factor.

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