Follow up to Eddy Butler Joins the English Democrats. EDP trying to hide the fact he is a member.

The cowards over at EDP Hq have released a mini report of the whole NC meeting rather than announce that Butler has joined openly anywhere.

Pathetic attempt to hide the news from the majority of members as most will not bother to read it. It was not put on the Party website first, it was put on Robin (S) Tilbrook(e)’s own cut and paste web page. A thread with a link was put up on their FB page, most will not click on the link. Then on the website Under the title of Minutes of November NC Meeting. No where has the name Eddy Butler been posted by the EDP HQ as a title of any release.

Fucking cowardly behaviour from people that should be brave enough to take the consequences of their actions.

One person voted Against. One Abstained, the rest bent over and kissed arse.

Here is the release.
People will find out one way or the other.
Morally challenged cowards deserve all they get

Saturday’s NC Meeting

The English Democrats had our monthly NC meeting on Saturday. Here is a short report about it:-

English Democrats Member’s overview of key discussion points

The National Council of the English Democrats met in Leicester on Saturday the 26th November 2011.

1. Derek Hilling submitted previous minutes and matters outstanding from October 2011.

2. Robin Tilbrook submitted the Chairman’s report including diary of events.

3. The current mail-shot was a resounding success yielding a healthy profit after costs. There was a positive response to the launch of the ‘England Awake’ newsletter. A supply of ‘England Awake’ newsletters will be made available for members to distribute throughout the country. There will be a mail-shot to members and supporters in December which will include a calendar highlighting key dates for 2012. The National Council wanted to thank everyone for their support.

Additional fund raising ideas were discussed including the recycling of printer cartridges. Details of the scheme will be made available to members in the forthcoming weeks.

4. Discussions were held on the structure/ objectives and specific ‘Job Roles’ of the National Council. Submissions are to be completed by the end of December.

5. A date has been set for the election of the Area Chairman for Yorkshire. Interested members are to make contact with National Party Secretary Derek Hilling e-mail your interest to

Papers for the election will be sent to members during February 2012 with the Spring Conference notice. The result of the election will be announced at the English Democrat Spring Conference.

6. The date of the English Democrat Spring Conference is to be Saturday 10th March (Subject to location availability. Details will be announced during December 2011).

7. The membership application from Eddie Butler to join the English Democrats was accepted.

8. Overview was provided by Stephen Morris on the ‘Elected Mayor’ campaign in Salford.

9. Roger Cooper was approved to be the official English Democrat candidate for the forthcoming Parliamentary By-Election in Feltham and Heston. Chris Newey was approved as the official English Democrat candidate in the forthcoming local council election to be held in Walsall.

10. A report was submitted on the plans and potential candidates including Mayoral candidate for the London Elections scheduled in 2012.

11. The standards committee reported that outstanding matters had been completed. A number of additional areas of focus were discussed and agreed for the forthcoming weeks.

12. Christmas Dinner arrangements were confirmed. The Event was fully subscribed.

13. A number of key initiatives were discussed to promote English Identity. Details will be released at the Spring Conference.

14. Additional promotional stands are being made available for local meetings including supplies of the Information Pack currently available on download from the website.

15. The next meeting is scheduled for the 14th January 2012.

David Ford Lane

English Democrats
Not right not left just English!


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