Eddy Butler Has Joined The English Democrats.

The worst kept secret in English nationalism has finally come to bear fruit.
On the 26th November 2011, Eddy Butler finally had his interview with the NC of the English Democrats and only 1 person voted against.

This can either mean the English Democrats think Eddy Butler can bring money into the debt ridden party, 220k approx, or that Uncles wish to verge to the right to take up the disenfranchised BNP vote is to come true as it was Uncles that claimed the party was radical right wing and Tilbrook facilitating this as he wants out and wants his money back sooner rather than later.

Rumour has it both Tilbrook and Uncles tried to join Ukip and were turned down, Tilbrook was declined after careful scrutiny and Uncles was turned down flat.

Lets hope the civic nationalists and Libertarians in the ED think about joining another party and distance themselves from Uncles latest plan to make the ED more mainstream in right wing British politics by attracting  ex BNP, BNP rejects and  BNP EDL members.

I am glad to see democracy is in play in the self named Democrat party, as I expect the members were asked about this.

What will be the odds of that?




About englishwarrior

I am and Englishman who is fed up with the way the Government and others treats the people of England

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