Is that the EDP, or the EDP, or the TEDP site?

Is that the EDP, or the EDP, or the TEDP site?  Original Article from the Kent Community Activist Blog.

The machinations of some of the minor political parties never fail to amuse. I draw your attention to the following:

The English Democrats Party (it prefers to be known as the ‘English Democrats’)  has the following website:

So, not state-of-the-art, but better than some.  Not a catchy URL though, ‘voteenglish’.  Wasn’t ‘englishdemocrats’ available?

There is another party with the initials EDP – The English Democractic Party which has the following website:

The latter EDP is right-wing, very much so.

In an attempt to avoid the casual political punter becoming confused, the English Democrats have come up with the following website:

Peruse this page and you are informed that it is the website of the English Democrats, yet part way down are the words:

‘Welcome to The English Democratic Party’

Confused?   Not to worry, enlightenment is at hand.

Clearly the English Democrats are worried that a person might go to the EDP site- that is the English Democratic Party site and become confused and befuddled into thinking they were on the EDP site – that is the English Democrats Party’s site.  Some none too bright people in the English Democrats then thought it would be a good idea to set up a site with an almost identical URL to the English Democratic site, which is all well and good except that the new site claims to be that of The English Democratic Party, which as far as I am aware does not exist as an entity.

Quite why the English Democrats are worried about the English Democratic Party I cannot imagine, unless it is the fact that the number of ex-BNP members joining the English Democrats may lead to confusion between the two.

Meanwhile the real world and serious politics goes on, rightly oblivious to this nonsense,

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