End of an Era, Sean Varnham leaves the English democrats. Fingers point at Uncles again!!!!

Another good man has left the English Democrats in a gentlemanly way, although he points the finger at Steve Uncles, the Ex-BNP influx and the way the party is run.
He also thanks all that have helped him and praises Ron Sands, who Uncles has taken great delight in attacking of late.

Here is the text from the blogs Sean has done and a link:

End of an era

It had taken me great deal of time and courage to write my last post on the 21stNovember, the day that I tendered my resignation to the National Council etc., and as of now, from the English Democrats. My heart is heavy as I walk away from the organisation I gave 6 years and 100% dedication to.

In brief, some (but not limited to) reasons for my resignation today are my frustration for the lack of support for smaller Parties amongst the voters (including membership), events over the past few years within the Party have made my continuation and defence of the Party untenable and I have recently became gradually more and more disenchanted with the Party and its constant internal bickering. After being pushed to the sidelines locally, I am now of the belief that the reduced branch can only take one step forward and two steps back.

There has been exhausting infighting within the ranks over the past year which has caused many stresses within the Party. One cause of tension was Steve Uncles. Steve was removed from the National Council many months ago when a vote of no confidence was passed. He then contested the first ever area election for the English Democrats and was re-elected to the National Council after an extremely low turnout of member’s votes. The NC had pledged at an NC meeting to publicise Steve’s ‘track record’ as to why he was forced to resign, however when the time came, nothing was said. This lack of interest and back-tracking from within the Party itself frustrated me intensely and plays a large part in this resignation.

Unfortunately, when I took part in the South East Area Elections (with Steve Uncles), I had not been sent the full party list for Sussex or Surrey until well after the ballot papers had gone out, and the ballots were stored and not counted until conference (some two weeks later). This is another combining factor to my resignation.

Going slightly off topic is leads me to Ron Sands. Ron resigned before the Area Chairman Election results due to his Direct Debit being cancelled somewhere in transmission. I worked with Ron for 2½ years and he was a brilliant colleague, I was deeply saddened when he left the Party. I was appalled at the reaction of some members towards him when he resigned in September, yes Ron left the branch, but he was certainly not trying to encourage me to collapse it as some suggested.

Veering off topic again leads me to the hot potato of the Ex-BNP members. Some high profile ex-members of the organisation have recently joined or are flirting with the idea of joining the English Democrats. I denounce the BNP in its entirety and was I shocked when they turned their attention to the English Democrats as a haven from the smear and scandals which prevailed in the high times of the BNP. I wish nothing to do with the individuals who hold a far right ideology dear to their hearts, whereas some EngDem members believe they can ‘enhance’ and ‘expand’ the Party. I don’t succumb to this belief.

This is the end of an era, where the local EngDems (under Mike Walters) go now I don’t know, but it is time that I moved on.. it is pretty much common knowledge now that I am in the process of joining the local Conservatives, some of whom being people I have known for a few years now.

I know for a fact that I am going to be vilified with bitterness for this resignation and my destination, half of which I expect from Medway Labour, however I’d like people to know that I am not surrendering my beliefs – I am still a member of the CEP and a devout euro-sceptic – I will be more like Mark Reckless than Rehman Chisti.

I have made a few good friends during my time in the EngDems (and also some not such good friends), but I’d like to thank all those who took care of me when I was a young rookie, those long-standing and ex-members of the National Council; Christine Constable and a few others in particular for introducing me to the world of politics. You all helped make me the politician I am today.


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