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My thanks to The Talking Clock for (some time ago) putting up a link to the Roger Hayes article for the UK Column.
 Roger’s piece for the UK Column confirms my view on the present state of affairs; in short, he tells it as it is:
Our constitution has for the past 100 years (since the 1911 Parliament Act) been progressively and deliberately undermined by the progressive political elite party system, which has seeked it to destroy it in pursuit of greater power for themselves.
Most people, including myself, don’t have an understanding of our constitution – for instance, I have always understood the Magna Carta to be the basis for a constitution for England, not the United Kingdom. I, like many others, am not certain.
Most people are however becoming aware that they are increasingly having no control over their own lives; many who had assumed that there would be a pension available at the end of their working lives are now arriving at retirement age and finding that their money has been squandered.
Many are also becoming aware of a bloated and increasingly intrusive state closing in around them; the freedoms of speech and activity, so long taken for granted, are gradually being circumscribed by petty rules and regulations.
Examples, such as those above, are symptomatic of governments and corporate concerns, ignoring the wishes and rights of the people, and empowering and enriching themselves at the expense of the people – “state corporatism” according to the fascist Benito Mussolini; or “soft fascism”.
It is time to put the bankers and state apparatchiks back into their boxes – we are the many and we have the power, but we do need a vision and we do have to have a clear plan of action.
So, a few ideas (only a few mind) from my humble self:
·      We need to, as Roger Hayes writes in his column, reaffirm our constitution, of which Magna Carta and the rights under Habeas corpus were fundamental – these being reaffirmed within the Declaration and Bill of Rights of 1688/9
Any Bill of Rights “granted” to us from the communitarian socialists of the three main UK parties, or the European Union cesspit, will be a Bill of Responsibilities.
Oh yes, useful idiots such as Liberty’s Shami Chakrabarti, will tell us that Jack Straw’s Supreme Court and the European Court of Human Rights with their paid placemen will look after our interests; they will not – they obtain their positions through nepotism and patronage, they represent “the State” and their opinions on our rights are no more valid than those from a drunken tramp in a city centre subway.
·      We have too many parliamentarians; we need less Lords, less MPs, and a completely reduced Civil Service – reduced in both senses, numbers and the powers they have.
How this is going to be possible regarding my fourth point is hard to say – but the numbers are going to be determined by the shape and make-up of what’s left of these once-wonderful United Kingdoms
·      We have to re-negotiate our relationship with our friends in Europe – the European Union, a tier of bureaucratic elite, lobbied and bribed by corporate interests, are now corrupting our democracies and imposing themselves on the peoples of Europe in the form of never-ending streams of regulation.
“The state, and nothing but the state” may be good enough for our continental friends, Corpus Juris may be what they want, but I, and I hope many more of the British people, will reject the idea that unaccountable judges have the power to assign to me which rights they believe I may be entitled to.
Laws for the British people should be made in our Parliament and the people who make those laws voted for by the British people.
·      The constitutional mess, in which we find ourselves, after the dismantling of the United Kingdom by the Labour party, needs to be looked at.
The Barnett Formula and the West Lothian question have left the inhabitants of England at a perceived disadvantage. All participants either want this Union or they do not – let us find out where we stand; we can go nowhere until this situation is sorted out.
Wales and Northern Ireland have their Assemblies, and the Scottish have their Parliament – maybe it’s time that England had its own seat of democratic power.
Let’s have our referendums and then focus on sorting out a constitutional position to make it work – federation or whatever.
If England’s present UK partners choose to go their own way then they must pay their own fare (cue much gnashing of teeth concerning Scottish oil)
·      Local power – should be just that. Schools, housing, employment, services – should be controlled by local councils, voted in by the people and accountable to the people.
No unelected quangos and freeloading CEOs. And please, no Common Purpose-like organizations or EU dictated Regional Spatial Plans (we’re all heartily sick of paying for all that nonsense) – just good local management; let’s clear out the parasitic thugs.
I never could understand what the hell was wrong with a council running an ‘in house’ works department and employing people from our housing estates; if the inhabitants have to repair the damage done they’ll look after it a bit better.
Our councils are now inundated with consultants and agencies – these have pushed local people completely out of the loop and they are stealing millions of pounds of our rates.
Create an environment for businesses to thrive unencumbered by high taxes, high rates and petty regulations. Excessive interference doesn’t create innovation; it kills it – take note European Union.
There is something I would like to add on a personal level.
Many people such as myself believed themselves to be partners in a contract between the person and the state.
We worked and paid our taxes and rates, and in return we received schools, a health service, policing, and defence.
I now believe that that contract has broken down.
I am not a racist but I am concerned that massive immigration has broken our communities, been used as a tool to gerrymander our democracy, and made parts of our cities no go areas.
I believe that our young people have gone to the back of the queue for jobs and housing and that the health service, which we all fought for, is under impossible pressure; we can not be responsible for all of the world’s ills.
I believe that large-scale immigration, some of it from countries we have recently subjected to military attack, has introduced a threat to our safety; a point not lost on our governments who have introduced authoritarian legislation to tackle that threat, which in turn has turned our should-be servant MPs into our masters.
I also believe that, for all the phoney talk on climate change, that massive immigration has put pressure on our environment – especially in our cities and suburbs. How do we help impoverished countries if we become impoverished sprawling slums ourselves?
Britain’s open-door policies and the European Union’s intention to admit 75 million non-EU inhabitants into the EU, whilst millions are unemployed, seems totally bonkers.
If those in this country want an open-borders policy then give me the right to not have my money stolen in taxes to pay for the incoming hoard.
At a time when elected governments are falling across Europe to a EU technocracy Britain needs to re-find its democracy – we need to look after our people first and then try to help others.
We can not go on as we are.
A few more who are trying to find the answers:
Here endeth the rant

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I am and Englishman who is fed up with the way the Government and others treats the people of England

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  1. Really good post

    Jim Carey

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