Are the English Insecure or is it that the British are insecure of the rising awareness in Englishness by the people of England?

There is a piece on showing that those that think they are British are losing ground. The poll asks how people see themselves, the majority said English.

Now this is not a new phenomena, proscribing to your country of residence ( the one you call home, not work in) is called nationalism. English nationalists have been around for years. They have struggles with media branding them a racists, xenophobes etc. American patriotism does not get this form of abuse, nor on the continent so why does it happen here?

Fear. The establishment is scared that the people will take an interest and see how unequal things are in our own country.
Well I am afraid to say it is happening, there is a rise in those being proud of their country, the nationalist tag is getting taken away from the far right with the upsurge of civic nationalism, people from different heritage, skin types, religions and cultures are growing into civic nationalists, they love their country. Government and media will still try to paint us as racists.
How can this be, you say? Because they know they are fighting a losing battle, Scotland Wales and NI, all recognised in the uk as separate countries and they are allowed to embrace their patriotism, to some extent it is forced on us too. I do not mind I like to see all the different cultures their celebrations this makes life interesting and enjoyable if you love to learn about the world.
What does bother me is the fact it is shunned upon in England, councils stopping English events, our flag not on produce, they use the Union flag, not the St George’s cross, but will use the Scottish Flag, the NI and welsh on their produce. Wrong.
They have institutions like Age, the charity for the elderly, called Age Uk in England, but Age Scotland north of the border, I need not go on about that.
We as the people of England need to stand up for ourselves show those in power we no longer wish to be taken for granted, we vote them in after all. Vote for a party that will look after England and her peoples interests, or vote independent, get rid of this successive scum that is tearing our country apart for the sake of Power, Money and appeasement to an unelected body in Brussels.

The article:


Are the “English” less secure about the world than the “British”?

November 17th, 2011

Is Peter Kellner right in his conclusion?

The latest edition of Prospect Magazine has a fascinating article by YouGov president, Peter Kellner, on a new YouGov poll that shows differing views of the world by those who consider themselves “British” and those who think of themselves as “English”.

The detailed figures are quite striking as Kellner explains:-

“…Our survey asked people whether they considered themselves mainly as English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish, British or European. A mere 2 per cent said they were “European.” Most, 63 per cent, said they were “English,” while 19 per cent regarded themselves as “British.”

When we compared the attitudes of “English” compared with “British” respondents, we found something odd. English voters want to leave the EU by a margin of 58-26 per cent — but “British” voters favour remaining members by 46-37 per cent. And while English voters overwhelmingly prefer an isolationist foreign policy, British voters divide fairly evenly between going it alone and doing compromise
deals to tackle world problems.

(The views of Scottish voters are closer to British than English; and we had too few Welsh respondents to be sure of their stance.)

All told, the poll suggests our views on EU membership are largely shaped by how we in these islands think of ourselves. What distinguishes people who call themselves “English” is a passion for keeping other countries at arm’s length.

Whisper it softly, but is Englishness these days a source not just of pride but also insecurity? “

Ahead of the last election, of course, Gordon Brown sought to promote the concept of Britishness which at times came over as being contrived and awkward. Labour’s new team seems to have dropped it.


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