Is David Starkey right, do we as a culture bend over backwards to accommodate the minority?

I know this is a contentious issue, but as time goes on and the majority are getting pushed around and bullied by government to appease the EU and the minorities that have emigrated to our country.

But the questions need asked. Should the immigrants be assimilating into our culture rather than us being forced to pander towards theirs?
If their culture is so great why come here, why not stay where you were?
Why are the government hell bent on wiping out English culture to herald in a rainbow Britain?

Granted you could call us a rainbow nation, but the primary colour is white, we have a multi culture, but the main one is English.
Why is none of that ever taken into consideration, why are the majority stomped on by these Britishers?

I have no qualms about other cultures, creeds, races, religions and I could go on, they are all equal to me in the scheme of things.
My argument is we should all be treated equal.
That is what people need to understand and get their heads around. All their festivals, customs and cultures celebrated in our country, Carnivals, history weeks, celebrations all round the country. They are great, I love to see it all. different colours, smells of cooking foods, music and dance. All wonderful stuff.

But if I want to celebrate being English, or an English festival, the councils, government, EU, nutjobs, Uaf, freaks etc will not allow it. I get called racist for having a St George’s Cross in my car, Flying in my garden, for asking someone to speak clearer as they do not speak good English. I am hard of hearing FFS not a racist.

When will this end?

When England stands up for herself, embrace these new cultures, enjoy them but remember your own culture and stop being so scared of upsetting someone, most of them would love to join in. England is our land all the people that live here should be proud of that.

Starkey: ‘Britain is a white mono-culture and schools should focus on our own history’

  • Starkey says history in British schools should have ‘a serious focus on your own culture’
  • He blamed ‘black culture’ for summer riots in previous outburst






Strong views: Dr David Starkey attacked the notion of children studying world history, saying there should be a focus on our 'own culture'Strong views: Dr David Starkey attacked the notion of children studying world history, saying there should be a focus on our ‘own culture’

David Starkey has provoked more controversy by claiming that most of Britain is a ‘mono-culture’ and that immigrants should assimilate.

The TV historian rejected claims by other academics that it is a diverse country, describing it as ‘absolutely and unmitigatingly white’ outside of London.

His outburst comes three months after he blamed ‘black culture’ for the summer riots and claimed that parts of Enoch Powell’s ‘rivers of blood’ speech had been right.

He made his latest comments during a historians conference discussing Education Secretary Michael Gove’s announcement that he wanted to put ‘our island story’ at the heart of Britain’s national curriculum.

Dr Starkey told the meeting that the National Curriculum should involve ‘a serious focus on your own culture’.

Cambridge University historian Joya Chatterji asked him to explain what he meant, arguing that contemporary Britain was ‘rather diverse’.

But Dr Starkey cut in, telling her: ‘No it’s not. Most of Britain is a mono-culture. You think London is Britain. It isn’t.


‘Where I’ve come from in Yorkshire, where I’ve come from in Westmorland [in Cumbria], where I largely live in Kent, where I holiday much in the South West, it is absolutely and unmitigatingly white.

‘You have such a series of assumptions. It is a kind of Ken Livingstone-esque view of rainbow Britain.

Plans: Education Secretary Michael Gove has also called for British history to be at the heart of the National CurriculumPlans: Education Secretary Michael Gove has also called for British history to be at the heart of the National Curriculum

‘Bits of Britain are rainbow and jolly interesting but to read out from those to everything else is profoundly misleading.’

Dr Starkey added: ‘Successful immigrants assimilate or become bi-cultural.’

Trevor Phillips, Chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, said he did not believe Dr Starkey was racist but was saddened that he ‘feels that he must occasionally utter nonsense that may give comfort to racists.’

Lee Jasper, Chairman of the London Race and Criminal Justice Consortium, tweeted: ‘Starkey the racist academic strikes again.’

Former prison chaplain the Reverend Pam Smith jokingly questioned on Twitter whether Dr Starkey ‘can’t see people who aren’t white’ given the racial diversity of many towns outside the capital.

Summer riots: In August David Starkey blamed 'black culture' for the disorder and said that parts of Enoch Powell's 'rivers of blood' speech had been rightSummer riots: In August David Starkey blamed ‘black culture’ for the disorder and said that parts of Enoch Powell’s ‘rivers of blood’ speech had been right

Richard Evans, Regius Professor of Modern History at Cambridge, criticised Mr Gove and Dr Starkey for advocating ‘myth and memory rote-learning’ to feed children ‘self-congratulatory narrow myths of history’.

Dr Evans said school history teachers were right to reflect Britain’s multi-ethnic make up in lessons.

Dr Starkey had been accused of racism by more than 100 viewers of Newsnight in August when he claimed that ‘whites have become black’.

He added: ‘A particular sort of violent, destructive, nihilistic gangster culture has become the fashion.’

But Ofcom ruled that the Newsnight discussion had been balanced by other speakers who did not share the outspoken historian’s views.

Acid-tongued Dr Starkey has been dubbed the ‘rudest man in Britain’.

He once described the Queen as a housewife who ‘lacks a serious education’ and called Scotland, Wales and Ireland ‘feeble little countries’.


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