Ukip catching the Lib Dems in the latest polls.


The most recent YouGov poll reveals that UKIP is currently polling 7% across the UK, while the the Liberal Democrats stand at 8%.

UKIP is especially strong in the over-60s demographic polling 14% to the Liberal Democrats’ 8%.  The findings also show that UKIP is the choice of those in the C2DE classification with the party polling 11% of support to the 5% of the Liberal Democrats.

It is the first time that the gap between UKIP and the Liberal Democrats has narrowed nationally to just 1%.

The results were published at the same time as another poll by Ipsos MORI revealed that 49% of adults wanted out of the EU, the highest total since 1983. Just 41% of those surveyed wanted the UK to stay in the EU.

Nigel Farage, UKIP Leader, said:  “The daily YouGov tracker polls over the last few months have shown clear and consistent growth for UKIP and the now the gap between us and the Liberal Democrats has narrowed to just 1%.

“One has to edge on the side of caution when reacting to poll results but if this current trend continues, then there is every possiblity that we will be matching if not beating the Liberal Democrats by Christmas. The position of the UK’s third party is well and truly up for grabs.”


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