English Democrats, Northern Ireland, Mr Uncles and Mr Butler: Part 2

Original article  By Kent community activist

People often betray their character/personality by the style and content of their writing. Doubtless readers of this blog have decided my character accords with the description at the head of my blog.  Or am I being devious? Does my blog reflect my character or am I writing to promote a fiction?

Which leads me to Mr Uncles and Mr Butler.

In a previous post I drew attention to the fact that Mr Uncles had attempted to contact Sinn Fein by e-mail and this had resulted in a spot of bother for him.  Mr Butler had charged to the rescue and said, inter alia:

However it (the e-mail issue) is only regurgitated on a very obscure internet chat forum by opponents of the EDs. The mass of the English public are unaware and would be totally unconcerned by such issues, and people with strong loyalist sympathies (such as myself) are also unfazed by it.

What Mr Butler failed to say, as he was busily engaged in the character assassination of a former English Democrat member, was that the BBC had shown an interest in the story and had questioned the chairman of the ED on the Politics Show.

In a later blog Mr Butler had this to say:

At the time of the May elections, Robin Tilbrook the leader of the English Democrats, appeared on a BBC interview where he was questioned about the involvement of ex BNPers. As can be seen these questions were easily dealt with and there was no adverse affect. The EDs won their first two council seats in fact. This interview is interesting as Robin was also asked about the ‘Sinn Fein’ allegations that some misfits think is of great significance. In the interview Robin brushes the matter aside and the reporter was totally satisfied with his response. Why? Because apart from a few embittered misfits, no one else is interested in the story. The BBC is certainly not and the public are not. Politics is about engaging the public in what they are interested in, not obsessing about the irrelevant odds and ends.

So, in one blog Mr Butler informed us that the internet issue is only regurgitated on an obscure internet chat forum and later contradicted this by stating that the matter was raised on a BBC television programme!

Note the tone of Mr Butler’s comments:

  • the ‘Sinn Fein’ allegations that some misfits think is of great significance.
  • apart from a few embittered misfits, no one else is interested in the story. The BBC is certainly not and the public are not.

If the BBC had not been interested, why had the question been asked?

The public certainly will be interested in the fact that a leading member of the English Democrats holds views which accord with those of Sinn Fein, namely a united Ireland: moreover that Northern Ireland should be handed over to the Republic without any consideration of the principle of self-determination.  I acknowledge this is not the official policy of the English Democrats who have declared that the future constitutional arrangements for Northern Ireland is a matter for the people of that nation.  However, Mr Uncles is a member of the party’s National  Council and an area chairman.
The public is interested in people who wish to develop links with the political wing of an organisation that bombed and murdered people in England, killed British soldiers and Northern Ireland civilians and police, despite what Mr Butler might wish us to believe.

See: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/ireland/8815887/Dont-mention-the-IRA-to-Martin-McGuinness.html

In Mr Butler’s opinion I am a ‘misfit’.  In the context he uses it I regard it as a privilege to be so called.

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I am and Englishman who is fed up with the way the Government and others treats the people of England

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