Dodgy accounts disprove the claim of 3500 members for the EDP.

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Your right Tilbrook and Uncles will probably claim their membership is growing, but back in the real world we know the party has been losing over a thousand members a year since 2008-9. Even the 100 or so that have recently joined from the BNP, won’t make that much of a difference (even more so if another 100 odd liberal members leave because of them!).

The (part) article below is from page 5 of the new issue of Heritage and Destiny magazine, number 46 (which arrived on my doormat yesterday). It is the last quarter of a much longer article called “Trading While Insolvent”, by E.N. Ronn. The first three quarters of the article is about the BNP, but the part of interest to ED’s I will post here.

“Some former members of the BNP have found a new home in the English Democrats Party, which Eddy Butler in particular is promoting heavily as the way ahead for a post-Griffin movement.
That being so, E. N. Ronn has been looking at the Eng Dems’ accounts, to see what they show.
By an unfortunate coincidence, the Eng Dems filed their 2010 accounts late and will be fined (still however doing better than Griffin, who has not filed the BNP’s 2010 accounts at all).
Even more unfortunately, the Eng Dems’ accounts are a hopeless mess. The party is supposed to file an income and expenditure account and a balance sheet, but failed in this far from difficult endeavour in 2010. While it has produced a detailed account of expenditure in 2010, it has not produced a statement of its income, though we know that expenditure exceeded income by £12,677, as that figure is given in the balance sheet.
The balance sheet is hardly encouraging. Total assets are £820 of cash at bank, while creditors amount to £217,209.
The explanation of this apparently shocking figure is that three leading lights in the Eng Dems, Chairman Robin Tilbrook, Dartford branch organiser Steve “the bold Fenian man” Uncles, and former deputy chairman Christine Constable (who resigned from the Eng Dems some years ago, when she was, it is believed, paid back by Messrs Tilbrook and Uncles) have made very large soft loans to the party, amounting to £212,929 at the end of 2010.
Exactly who is owed what is not clear, since the last year in which the Eng Dems stated who the creditors were was 2008.
While the Eng Dems claim a membership of 3,500, that figure is incredible. Membership of the Eng Dems costs £30 a year. Because the party (by accident or design) has omitted to file a statement of its income in 2010, we do not know what its income from membership dues was in that year, but do know that in 2009, the party received £23,084 for subscriptions and donations, down from £30,634 in 2008 and £45,021 in 2007, and suggesting a membership of less than 800 in 2009. It is simply not plausible that membership has more than quadrupled in 2010: the trend has been quite sharply down in recent years, not up.
So the reality of the Eng Dems is a party whose membership has been in progressive and marked decline over three years, and which owes its leading lights more money than it can ever hope to repay.
Anyone tempted to join this party should consider that Robin Tilbrook is chairman for life, or at any rate, for so long as he wishes to be. In theory the members can vote him out of office, but in practice, the party would cease to function, if he then called in the large debts owed to him. It is his (and, to a lesser extent, “Gerry Adams is my uncle” Uncles’s) fiefdom, even more than the BNP is Griffin’s, shall we say, thiefdom.
Mr Tilbrook is a man of infinitely higher moral character than Griffin (whom I shan’t dignify with the title “Mr”). Mr Uncles, it must be said, is a stormy petrel attended by constant controversy, and with an unpleasant polemical manner on the internet forums that he (dis)graces. If, gentle reader, you decide to follow Mr Butler’s (he does get a “Mr”!) call to join the Eng Dems, do so with full knowledge that the party no more belongs to its members than does the BNP, in fact, less. It belongs to Mr Tilbrook and Mr Uncles, unless, that is you happen to have a spare £220,000 or so!
E.N. Ronn, Kensington, London”.


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