Sean Varnham, a breath of fresh air for the English Democrats

When I was sent this email I agreed that there needs to be some new blood, with new ideas for the SE position and I believe Sean is the man for the Job.

Uncles has done the job in that past, failed, had to resign and is just plainly not the man for the job.

The English Democrats are currently in the process of an election for the new South East Area Chairman, for which a notification of ballot should have landed on your doormat within the last few days.

There are two candidates standing for the position to represent the South East area, Steve Uncles and Sean Varnham.

I am sending this email to encourage you to give your vote to Sean Varnham, a hard working and decent young man who it has been my privilege to stand alongside at both National Council meetings and during the recent local elections where I helped him leaflet in Medway (Where he proceeded to work me like a dog in aid of the cause!) Sean has a maturity beyond his years, and a fierce pride in our country that we all share.

He is also a methodical and organised campaigner, who has maximised the limited resources at his disposal and has turned the Medway branch in to an efficient organisation who have become the third largest party in their area in just two years. The culmination of this was the recent election of Ron Sands to the position of Parish Councillor, showing what can happen on limited resources when you have a shrewd organiser and an outstanding candidate.

If you have not received your voting notice, below is the statement that Sean has issued to support his candidacy – Please if you require a ballot paper and have not yet received one.
Sean Varnham for SE chair.-sean-varnham.jpg
Sean Varnham – Candidate for South East Area Chairman

“My name is Sean Varnham, and I have been a member of The English Democrats since May 2005 when I was just 15 years old. It was when I joined that the Young English Democrats was conceived. I became a co-founder, and soon became the National Youth Chairman.

In 2009, I contested the EU Elections (My first contested election at the age of 18) – Appearing on the Party List, I even paid my share of the deposit and have been self-funding ever since. In 2009, I became the official Medway Chairman and at the 2010 General Election I managed the three constituencies that sit in Medway. Overall, we increased our vote from 1600 in the EU Elections to over 3000 in the General Election just 11 months later. In the 2011 local elections, my team and I planned an active campaign and the results led to The English Democrats becoming the third party of Chatham and Strood (in terms of votes) and the branch also had our first councillor elected to Hoo Parish Council – All within 2 years of operating in Medway.

I am hard working, and even when times become tough and stressful I never give up. I have a wide understanding of the problems the people of the South East are facing and the challenge of the position, which I will approach with fresh ideas and an open and honest attitude.

You can’t be measured by what you do for the party, what really matters is what you do for the people. I represent the people first, and as such consider myself truly a politician OF the people.

If elected, I will make it my duty to push your ideas forward with the party and to replicate Medway’s success across the South East of England.

For further information – Sean Varnham – English Democrats

Why Vote For Sean?

I truly believe that the South East can be a major part of the driving force for change in this country, all it needs is a dedicated individual like Sean Varnham to be the catalyst for your ideas and your efforts. Sean has always impressed me with his energy and common sense approach, not just when discussing policy at national council but also on the streets when campaigning with the local residents in Medway – He is one of their community with their hopes and fears, and they respond to that. It takes character to attract candidates of the quality that Sean has to the Medway branch, and it is to his credit that much more experienced men and women respond to him and are happy to follow his lead.

Steven Uncles has been South East Chairman for some time now, without quite making that breakthrough that the party and the country needs. He is well intentioned, but has unfortunately made many tactical mistakes that have adversely affected our progress (Put the name ‘Steve Uncles’ in to the Google search engine on your PC or Mac to give you some background on this). This led to him recently resigning from the National Council after a vote of no confidence went against him.

It is time for a fresh approach and a new face to push forward the cause of England in Kent, Surrey and Sussex. In my opinion, the best man for the job is Sean Varnham

Cliff Dixon
London Vice Chairman/Hillingdon Chairman – English Democrats

Now is time to vote for a fresh approach for the EDP in the SE area.


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