Racism and discrimination in my country.

If roses can be red, yellow, pink and white,
And still be roses
If hair can be blonde, brown, black, white and red
And still be hair
Then why can’t we be be brown, black white pink and yellow,
And still be people?

By Aoife


Racism and other forms of discrimination is a scourge on our lives, it causes communities to go to war with each other, over trivial matters. Breaks up families and angers generations of people so grudges get formed.

We have people using the label of racism everyday, calling one people racists because they do not agree with your views is a form of discrimination in itself. You are discriminating against freedoms of speech and human rights.

We have the EDL marching against extremists. Although I understand why they are doing this and can see why it would anger some that live with islamification on their doorsteps. I do not believe in violence to get a point across nor subscribe to the right wing extreme views of some in the EDL.

The UAF will march against them calling them racists because they do not agree with what they are doing. The Islamic extremists burnt poppies and our national flag in protest, calling for our soldiers deaths and Islamification of the UK as that is what they want. Where are the UAF then, why are they not incensed at the images and slogans from these extreme people wishing death for our soldiers and to our people if we do not change to Islam?

You will not as they believe in the freedom of speech, apparently, but wish to stop English folk marching against these people who burn poppies etc. Double standards and you all need to get your heads out of your arses, both sides that is, violence is not the answer, it will always end in pockets of disruption.

Sit down, have a talk and get both sides of the story, you must remember the mistakes of others that have tried enforcing their views on others, your way is not the only way, if you believe that you are dictating,  a dictatorship.


I am an English nationalist, a civic nationalist, I love my country and respect the people in it, no matter of their heritage.

I am sickened by the racial attacks on other nationalists in and from our neighbouring countries, Scotland, Wales and NI.  This is a reciprocating problem, some of them call the English names and some of us call them names.

Round in circles. We all have to get along and work together for a future that is suitable for all the constituent countries in the now defunct UK.

Yes they get cheaper or free prescriptions, yes they get a say in the running of their country, yes they get more money per capita, per head, per year spent on them and yes the get cheaper or free Uni education.


Because the UK governments past and present, has facilitated this over the years.It is the government that has brought in institutional racism against the people of England, not allowing us to be proud of our nation, having self representation, no referendum on the EU (that involves all the UK really) not allowing us to fly the English flag, embrace our culture, our patron saint. BLAME THEM.

They are robbing the English of money, a say, a chance to embrace Englishness and do this not in fear of being branded a racist but out of pride of accomplishment, what England has achieved in this world, a common ancestry and heritage and the fact that we a tolerant and embracing of other cultures.


It is a shame this is not obviously reciprocated by some immigrants and those born here into their pockets of community culture.


We all need to start to get along, work together, live together in communities and understand each other.

Working together for the betterment of our respective countries, looking to the future, when England has her parliament and we all have to work together to make the former UK a grand place to be.

We have to work at our relationships now, before it is to late and we are swallowed by the EUSSR.

Work together on the many questions that are causing disharmony in the asymmetrical UK.

EU membership needs put to the people.

English parliament referendum, full devo max to all countries, a UK federal model government overseeing non devolved matters.

The hatred needs to stop, after all we are the same in essence, it is our views that differ and we all cant be right.

Work on what we agree on and go from there.




About englishwarrior

I am and Englishman who is fed up with the way the Government and others treats the people of England

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  1. Why do I feel that this is aimed at the white, middle class English – not at the rampant nationalist Scots, or the Islamic fundamentalists determined to change our country and our culture? Is it because we are the only ones who may even listen to arguments like this – admirable in the intent and disastrous in their application?

    This argument has, unfortunately, been preached at us from pillar to post over the last 13 years – not that the immigrants should integrate with the host culture; but that we, the English, must allow ourselves to be proscribed in the name of multiculturalism.

    It doesn’t work, we can hold the hand out, we can call for debate on acceptance, and we can even offer up on the altar of diversity a little bit more of who and what we are .. to show that we are not nasty racists – but the fact is that no-one else is listening.

    Alas; it appears the time for talk maybe over, and era of action is almost upon us. Marginalised people eventually become angry – we work our butts off trying to placate the implacable, and ignore the growing anger and distress of the English at our peril.

    Your attitude is admirable, but you are preaching to those who are becoming increasingly aware that the problem does not entirely lie with them; your message needs to be targeted at others, but I doubt they will be listening.

    • It is aimed at everyone, we need to work together not as enemies. I am White working class English and an English nationalist and I see the infighting is not getting us anywhere in England. We all need to pull together and work as one, work with other nationalists and take the fight to those who need it, the government and the EU.

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