What shall we do now?

Scotland fighting for independence, what shall we do now?
Scottish nationalists have won the support of their nation and are talking about a referendum on independence.
I am all for supporting this monumental shift in UK Politics, English Nationalists need to unite behind a common goal now, all the nitty gritty, of Civic vs Ethnic etc etc can be sorted out at a later date.
Now is the time when English Nationalism can be bought to the forefront of the UK Political battlefield, we can now educate people of the significance of the differences in the way each nation get treated in this asymmetrical United kingdom. Not one is treated equal to the other.

It is not the case of we want what they got, it is a case of having our nation recognised and treated as the rest of this defunct UK.

If Scotland can get a referenda on independence, we should ramp up our campaign to get one for ourselves, whether it is a parliament within a federal Union, which could work and be a step in the right direction or full independence.

I would rather Independence, but would happily work towards the federal model as not only would it be a start it would open the door finally for self governance and recognition for England.

Polls are showing the rise in acceptance and wanting of a federal model so why have we not had a referenda on it yet?
Money, Ego, Ignorance, Anglophobia and many others can be used as an excuse, pick one and run with it, many will agree with your logic behind the excuse.
It is a mismatch of all of them being used in many different combinations.
The UK parliament does not want us to have one.

We should now learn to embrace the passion for England, have friendly terms with all the other nations and their nationalists.
They want similar to what we want.
It is not their fault the tyrannous government the people of England vote in have blessed them with the use of the unfair Barnett Formula.
It is not their fault we are forced to be in the EU, without referenda on membership.

We are to blame, over 80% of the vote for the GE comes from England, we got a coalition out of it, before that we ended up with an unelected Prime Minister. England in effect vote these people in.

Take stock and fight for what is right, not amongst ourselves and not with the other nations in the UK.

Now is the time for decisions, either fight for England or carry on the path English Nationalism has taken now, bitter infighting, non committal and utter disrespect of each other and our opinions.

My choice is Fight For England.

What is yours?

Jamie McCaffery
Co founder of One England
Proud Member Of The CEP


About englishwarrior

I am and Englishman who is fed up with the way the Government and others treats the people of England

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