Justice For England

A group that was started about 6 years ago has been revamped, the website overhauled and FB page set up.


Here are some of the aims:

Campaign Aims

We demand an English Parliament

Once the devolution genie was let loose in 1998, it was obvious to all except New Labour, Old Tories & Can’t Decide LibDems that England would be democratically disenfranchised, yet all willingly conspired to make it happen. England has absolutely no representation at national level, indeed, such is the Establishment’s hatred of our country, they’ve tried to chop it up into synthetic Euro inspired regional areas. England is home to 50 million people, over 80% of the UK population yet we have no political champions to fight our corner. England, despite having the third biggest economy in the EU is the only country in the Union AND Europe, AND the Commonwealth without a national Parliament.

John Prescott’s inept and shameful attempt to foist a soviet style of government via obedient regional assemblies onto the people of England was resoundingly shown the door by the good people of the North East of England. In the referendum in 2004, they voted by a majority of 4 to 1 against an elected regional assembly.

The people had spoken & that should have been the end of it. But true to form, the Stalinist bullies at Westminster have comprehensively ignored the will of the people. England was infested by 8 unelected regional assemblies – and under Labour, their powers and authority increased exponentially. The people who served on these quangos were locally responsible to no one except their own vanity. They were not elected by the people, but they were more than willing to instigate Westminster edicts on housing, transport, infrastructure etc. Although the Coalition have pledged to end regional assemblies, we can only see them being replaced by yet another set of nodding dog outfits, ever willing to obey the diktats of Westminster Control.

England must have its own Parliament to redress the 13 year old democratic deficit originally engineered by New Labour. Our own Parliament reinstated after a 300 year hiatus to tackle purely English issues for English people….. It’s the very essence of national democracy – a Parliament with a mandate to govern by the people, for the people who elect it. It is inconceivable that a country as culturally and economically strong as England, in the top ten biggest economies in the world has not got its own Parliament. It is a shocking indictment on the constitutional chaos engineered by New Labour and rabidly supported by the Tories & LibDems.

The constitutional compromise proffered by the Tories – English votes on English legislation (EvoEL)is a bizarre and pathetic hotch potch of policy written on the back of an Eric Pickles paper napkin. It is completely unworkable and is an insult to the English voter. And since the Coalition came to power, we notice that this miniscule attempt to tackle our democratic deficit has predictably been kicked into the longest of long grasses. The only answer, the honest and democratic solution simply must be a Parliament for England.

An end to discrimination against English NHS patients

The founding principles of the NHS are as follows; That it meets the needs of everyone, that it is free at the point of delivery, that it is based on clinical need & not the ability to pay. So, with those egalitarian imperatives carved in granite, you’d think the NHS would deliver equal and fair treatment to everyone in the UK.

If you thought that then you need to think again. The NHS in England does NOT meet the needs of everyone, it is NOT free at the point of delivery in England and it is NOT based on clinical need. Of spending per head within the 4 home countries, England and her people predictably finish way behind the others in last place.

In short, we are the poorest of poor patients within the Union. For instance, in Scotland there is a full 20% extra spent per person on health than is correspondingly spent per person in England – this means they can afford luxury treatments like expensive cancer drugs many of which are routinely off limits to their English counterparts. It’s apparent to everyone in England, if you want a life saving cancer drug, forget the Pharmacy, find a Lawyer instead.

To add insult to injury, on April 1st this year, Scotland joined Northern Ireland & Wales in scrapping completely all prescription charges. Sickeningly, on that day in England, prescription charges rose by 20p, taking them to an eyewatering £7.40p

The reason Scotland and Wales can afford to lavish expensive drugs and free treatments on their populations is primarily thanks to the generosity of the English taxpayer and the Barnett formula. What a pity the Westminster Government haven’t seen fit to dispense similar health funding unto the English population with equal alacrity.

There is a two-tiered health system within the UK. Preferred treatment is lavished upon the Scots and the Welsh. In England, it is not. We are suffering under a system of health apartheid, pure and simple.

An end to discrimination against English students
Tuition fee legislation was just carried at Westminster in 2005 thanks to a faithful claque of Scottish Labour MPs. Since then, it has been amended and expanded by the Coalition ensuring that students in England are having to pick up an ever growing tab.

How very ironic that those ever-faithful Labour MPs voted the Bill through when their very own Scottish Parliament (then under Labour control) threw the whole idea out. No tuition fee bills for the Scottish student. If an English student wishes to study in Scotland, the Scottish Executive has helpfully introduced legislation to put them off. It’s a sort of tariff, an extra tax of thousands of pounds only applicable to an English student.

However, if a student from anywhere else in the EU wants to study in Scotland then they do so for free, the fees paid for by their respective governments. Don’t you just wish that we had our own English government who would look after us equally as well?

In England, knowledge is being taxed like nowhere else. Since the principle of English tuition fee legislation was brought in it was inevitable that they would rocket. And predictably, they have! Even the lowliest rebranded Polytechnic has committed to the full £9,000 per year. On a three year course that makes £27,000, without taking into consideration living expenses and rent. Why should our students incur thousands in tuition costs when their contemporaries north of the border get away ‘Scot fee free’ so to speak. Education apartheid, alive and well and being practised in England.

An end to discrimination against English OAPs.
People work all their lives – and when they retire, their noble sweat of honest toil is rewarded by a grateful government, correct?….. Errr, not if you’re an English OAP they’re not..

The central heating freebie for all old people north of the border is merely the tip of the discriminatory iceberg in the UK. In England, if you’re old and you need a new central heating system, best dig the money out from your savings account. Otherwise face the ‘trial by means testing’ formula so familiar to English OAPs. And if you’re infirm and you have to go into a residential home, better sell the family home to finance it. Again, Scots residential care is paid in full by a Scottish Executive. Again, English OAPs are left to fend for themselves. Again, we see discrimination within one room, in Berwick upon Tweed a town on the English-Scots border there is an old folks residential home. All the Scottish old people residing there are 100% subsidised by the Scottish Executive – even though they are effectively living in England.
Their English counterparts, sitting in the next couple of rocking chairs have had to sell their homes – and the state has taken the proceeds. How utterly contemptible is a system that discriminates against old people on an issue of nationality? We need a champion for English OAPs. The only way of getting one is to have our own Parliament.

I think a group like this can work in tandem with The CEP, formulating a two pronged approach to the deficit felt by all English People from lack of representation and recognition.
We have to remember, we are English People Living in England, British is secondary to this.


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I am and Englishman who is fed up with the way the Government and others treats the people of England

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