The latest MP to have influence over England

Earlier this week the UK’s latest MP made his maiden speech at Westminster. Iain McKenzie the newly elected Labour MP for Inverclyde spoke during a Business, innovation and skills debate about betting shops. His maiden speech touched on a wide range of UK and devolved issues such as business, employment, the environment, leisure, tourism and transport. Employment is a UK wide issue and he will be able to vote on issues affecting Scottish employment and employment in the rest of the UK. Tourism, however, is a devolved issue. In Inverclyde, tourism is the responsibility of the Scottish parliament, or more specifically to Duncan McNeil the Member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP) for Greenock and Inverclyde. Mr McKenzie says he hopes tourism will become a new industry in his constituency – but in terms of voting he can only influence the tourism of England. He may want to boost tourism in Scotland but all he can actually do is influence tourism in England. As the home nations are all in competition for the tourist Dollar, Euro or Yen will he be voting in England’s interests when the time comes to vote? Is there a conflict of interest? Tourism you could argue is a relatively minor issue but it’s similar for the big issues of Health, Education, Local government etc. Mr McKenzie’s votes on these issues will directly affect the people of England but not his own constituents. But no-one in England had any say on his election, nor can they vote him out at the next election. Responsibility without accountability is against the fundamental principles of democracy. The CEP will be taking a special interest in Mr McKenzie’s political career. We will report when he inevitably starts speaking and voting on English issues. Devolved issues according to: UK parliament Scotland office The Scottish government


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