Just seen on the BDF. Dame Shirley Williams Ignored police corruption.

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Dame Shirley Williams ignored Police corruption!
Last night,Thursday 7th of July, Baroness Shirley Williams,the well known Liberal Democrat and member of the Bilderberg group,was, yet again, a member of the BBC’s Question Time panel.This week they inflicted themselves on the people of Basingstoke,yet the people of that town got a gift from Williams that she may regret so casually giving away!

During a discussion on the News of the World phone hacking scandal the smug little Bilderberger openly stated that during her time with The Daily Mirror she was well aware of the practice of “peeling off a fiver”to pay a policeman for confidential information.This confession was made on live national TV and it was largely ignored by the panel,what a surprise.

But the practice of “peeling off a fiver”to pay a policeman for confidential information is a VERY serious offence and has been since 1901,the year Queen Victoria died! It is called CORRUPTION,she KNEW of incidents when it took place,she knew it was common practice at the Daily Mirror,she carried on taking money from a paper she KNEW actively bribed and corrupted serving police officers and she did so WHILE she was an MP!

Did she resign in disgust-NO! Did she make a complaint to ANYONE to help end this corruption-NO! Did she attempt to campaign against it from the safety of Westminster-NO!

So casually does our”little”Bilderberger take corruption that she seemed to think nothing of coming out with this admission but this creature likes to call herself a Liberal Democrat yet what is liberal or democratic about actively turning a blind eye to the bribery and corruption of the police by a national newspaper?

She has also spent many years being called an “Honourable Member”yet what is so HONOURABLE about helping to conceal bribery and corruption in the police by refusing to do anything about it when you had the great good fortune to be so well placed to do so!This was not some nobody who would be ignored but an MP,a front bench politician and a member of the cabinet! Yet she kept her trap shut and continued to let this corruption go unchallenged when it involved the well known LABOUR supporting Trinity Mirror Group of papers but now wants to parade her contempt for the phone hacking that has been revealed at the News International ,Tory supporting,News of the World.

And this shameless smug git actually works as a HARVARD professor and teaches young people about politics,this goes a long way to show why those in politics are seen as little better than sewage!

Got to 35 mins in and listen to her claim that this should be ignored.

“peel a fiver off”



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