An end to the rumours about Eddy Butler and the EDP, hopefully.

There are rumours being spread about membership to the EDP, these rumours are causing conflicting views being espoused and are damaging to the English Nationalist Movement, also to the Decent folk in the English Democrats.

I emailed Eddy Butler to get his side of the story, I will publish the text here unchanged and unbiased.

from Eddy Butler
to jamiemccaffery
date 5 July 2011 02:36
subject RE: Rumours.

Dear Jamie

I am not particularly concerned about stories circulating about me. I don’t think many people take the BDF very seriously. Nevertheless I’ll answer your questions, in case you or anyone else is interested.

Are you a member of the English democrats?


Have you been approached to join?

Not specifically, but I don’t think political parties normally make direct approaches to individuals in that sort of manner.

Have you ever had a meeting with Steve Uncles and/or Robin Tillbrook?

I have met them both – the term ‘meeting’ implies a formal event, perhaps with an agenda and that hasn’t happened.

Why did you fall out with the current BNP Chairman?

Essentially he found out that I was going to raise issues of financial malpractice in a manner which constitutionally was the only way I could proceed. His response was to sack me from my positions and initiate a smear campaign against me (e.g. a brothel story and various other things of a similar nature), then he blatantly cheated when I challenged him in a leadership contest (again the only constitutional way I could proceed).

Over the past year I have been able to assess from a more detached position what is required in order to save my country – which I believe is on the verge of total and eternal destruction. That perspective is always very useful, as when you are involved in the day-to-day grind it is difficult sometimes to see the wood for the trees.

What are you future plans, will you carry on with BNP reform and fight Griffin at his own game or move on to pastures new?

‘BNP Reform’ was wound up a few months ago. I will have to see how things pan out regarding Nick Griffin, and whether he is worth bothering about. I believe he is the single biggest obstacle in preventing the forming credible resistance to the destructive forces I referred to above. ‘Fighting’ him doesn’t necessarily stop a move to pastures new anyway. I will see how things develop.

Would you join the English democrats and campaign for English Nationalism (civic) or would you rather be true to your beliefs and carry on in British nationalism?

I have said that the English Democrats are a perfectly good alternative option to achieve the political goals I have, and that probably goes also for a majority of the members of the BNP (although some may be in denial about this). The EDs program is true to my beliefs, as is the BNP’s program. When you join a political party it is naive to expect a 100% agreement. There will be some things you don’t fully support while at the same time being comfortable with the totality of its position.

If it becomes obvious that the BNP is a busted flush then clearly a sensible person would look to an alternative option to achieve more or less the same goals.

I don’t set much store by these distinctions between different forms of nationalism. I am a nationalist.

I think that most of what people find objectionable about the BNP is not in its official program – its manifesto (which is similar to the EDs in fact) – but on the emphasis, presentation, internal culture, behaviour, image, historical antecedents and so forth.

The EDs policy is for a federal structure for the British Isles. I think a far sighted ‘Unionist’ should embrace that stance as the best way of maintaining the union, but through full devolution and a more equal relationship between the constituent parts. This will avoid the animosities which resulted from the Celtic fringes thinking England was dominating them, while the English feel short changed by the central government attempting to buy off Celtic resentment with English money.

As England is by far the biggest part of Britain, English identity has been weakened in the long drive to create Britishness. This has in turn left England vulnerable to the ingress of more foreign cultures which further destroy and undermine notions of what England is. Strengthening localism, parochialism, is a valuable fire break against this sort of thing happening.

There are no contradictions in supporting English nationalism.

My main belief is that everyone who shares common ground on the majority of issues relating to our identity have to work closely together as we do not have a hope of achieving anything otherwise, and compromise is essential.


So this will hopefully stop the rumours and speculation that is damaging to the English Nationalist Movement, the decent and good activists in the English democrats and Eddy himself.

All criticism should be directed at those that damage any of the above. Uncles, his facilitator and apologists, in the case of the English movement and the English Democrats.
Eddy has his problems with his own enemies within the BNP, if you support him aim your critique at them not the man.

People should research for themselves, ask questions then make up their minds, do not go on what others say or reiterate from what they have heard.


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