Steve Uncles – Failed English Nationalist (via Richard Aitkins)

Some true words from Richard.

Uncles is a useless twat.

I thought it was time to write about the unspectacular political career of Steve Uncles from the English Democrats. For those who don't know this character, he is, or was, one of their senior operatives. According to the Electoral Commission, he is one of the EDP's biggest creditors who owe him the princely sum of around £17,000, which has allowed him to carry out some truly bizarre activities on behalf of the party. Let me explain. As the party' … Read More

via Richard Aitkins


About englishwarrior

I am and Englishman who is fed up with the way the Government and others treats the people of England

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  1. Can’t argue with your assessment of the man!

    • He is the biggest liability to English Nationalism after the big three, I among others think he is a Brit nationalist plant.

      The English Democrats would rebuild their reputation, if only they would issue press releases distancing themselves from his antics, expel him from the party and put out a statement to the effect of past mistakes were attributed to Uncles and his supporters, apologise and be transparent in the actions they are taking to clean up the image of the party.

      That would include distancing themselves from Alan England also, as that hypocritical piece of shit, aids and abets Uncles every move.
      Alan England is also a plant.

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