Uncles is emigrating and other gossip.

The Fat twat from Kent is announcing he is emigrating to New Zealand, after his abject failure of trying to emigrate to Australia.  Seems they did not want him either.

The pie munching ex EDP supremo, apparently never even bothered to turn up for the party conference last week-end.

He was not missed and the atmosphere was cordial in his absence.

Alan England never turned up, but he don’t turn up to anything, not even to help fellow EDP supporters and members deliver leaflets in a nearby town in Yorkshire.

The sanctimonious twat is even berating English Nationalist for not standing in the may elections, although it seems they have people standing.

He is not standing though!!!!!!!!

Back to Uncles.

The prick is posting on a blog called English Passport, all he does on there is attack other parties, Ukip ( I added them as they are looking into an English Parliament Policy and every little helps like they say on the Tesco ads), EPP, ERA, One England etc.

What sort of moron is he attacking true English nationalists?

Every thing these other parties is doing is for their country and not for self promotion, unlike Uncles it seems.

He is a British Plant, who along with his lap dog, as Alan England is often called on the BDF, just attack these other parties over personal issues.

Grow the fuck up and get on with the business in hand, personal issues are just that personal.
To attack other parties for the sake of it is just pathetic and the actions of a megalomaniac who seems to think he is better than his country and other English nationalists.

To The Warrior, Uncles is not an English Nationalist, he is just a fat useless twat who likes to ruin all the hard work of real English Nationalists.

Uncles hurry up and piss off to New Zealand, lets hope the High Commission allows him to go without researching him too much.

Now down to other gossip.

The EDP had their conference this weekend gone, reports are not many turned up, but that there was a bit of a muck up over the arrangements etc as the London Chairman was on holiday so it was left up to the work horse and fellow English Nationalist, Cliff Dixon.

It went well and they had a couple of good speakers giving their talks on subjects like the AV vote, Professor Rotherham gave an interesting lecture according to one conference delegate:

Nathan King,……… a vote was actually taken of the delegates present – about 50-60 people, on a yes or no to A.V., and I would say that the YES response was strong – around about 75%. Professor Rotherham gave an interesting lecture, but what I think the party has to be aware of it what exactly we ‘promote’. Whereas I think A.V. is a pretty poor system, it is better than F.P.T.P. and for this reason needs to be supported. If the Referendum chose A.V., I think then we would need to move on fairly quickly to A.V. Plus (which Professor Rotherham stated was a better system), or of course, straight onto P.R.

Can I also say how much I enjoyed the Conference and meeting other English Democrats there – it was my first one and a good one!

So Cliff did a good job and the turnout can only be blamed on people thinking Uncles was going.

One England had their inaugural meeting, to decide on the direction of the party.

One England
This weekend saw the inaugural meeting of the One England National Executive Committee in Banbury, Oxfordshire. We are living in a period of rapid change, both at home and globally, consequently the party is focussing upon presenting itself as a civic nationalist party for the 21C political environment. Policies and strategies are being refined to address the very tough years currently facing England and its people, in addition to re-establishing England as a nation in its own right.

We stress the People of England, what ever race, colour or religious creed they may be, because unlike the millionaire political elites of the major parties who are fond of spouting slogans, we really do believe we are all in this together.

We plan not just to do things right, but to do the right things for England.

For further information, please visit http://www.oneengland.org

The Warrior would like to wish them the best of English Luck, they seem like the best party for people who are looking for an all-inclusive civic nationalist party for England.
Their policies are good, the founders and NEC are good English Nationalists, they love their country like I do.

Although it has been reported by the fat twat they have closed the party down, well we all know Uncles and his bending of the truth, well blatant lying, so it is not true.

One England looks to be going from strength to strength with reports of new members coming in week by week.

Good on them I say.

Final words on the subjects today.

Well done to cliff Dixon for making a silk purse out of a fat hogs ear.

Keep going One England, you could surprise a lot of people.

Uncles is a twat and so is Alan England.


About englishwarrior

I am and Englishman who is fed up with the way the Government and others treats the people of England

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  1. Geoff, Worcester, England

    It’s good to see the back of the Brit plant Uncles, but I wouldn’t wish him on NZ. It’s a great place to visit, and the people are friendly. The best of English luck? The way the ‘Union’ has treated our country the past few centuries, it reminds me of a line from the old Albert King song ‘Born Under A Bad Sign’: ‘If it wasn’t for real bad luck, I wouldnt have no luck at all.’

    Here’s hoping things improve for the English cause and nationalist parties now that Uncles has no involvement on the ED executive. it’s a shame to have so many parties. Judean People’s Front/People’s Front of Judea, anybody?

  2. Thank Heaven’s he is not coming to Australia – but surely New Zealand has enough trouble thanks to earthquakes without Uncles. Now who do I know in the NZ …Hmmm!!!

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