Steve Uncles, British agent?

I have chatted to a couple of  EN colleagues over the last couple of days and have heard a rumour.

Steve Morris candidate for the English Democrats, put on a good campaign for the Oldham East and Saddleworth seat.

He talked to locals and knocked doors, got a good response.

Now the rumour is the BNP followed round and spoke to the same people.

Showing them a copy of the email sent to the Sinn Fien party.

From: Steve Uncles
Sent: Friday, 13 March, 2009 1:00:54 PM
Subject: Northern Ireland out of the United Kingdom ?

Dear Sinn Fein

I would like to introduce the “English Democrats” party to you – we are the largest English Nationalist party in England with approaching 3,000 members.

On 4 June 2009, we will be standing in every English Constituency, our current manigesto position is a Federal United Kingdom with Fiscal Authomony for the various parts ie England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland.

Recent events, have however inspired some members of our party to suggest that a policy of a referendum by the people of England, Scotland & Wales to “ask Northern Ireland to leave the United Kingdom” would be an interesting and unique policy to develope, and would certainly promote both the English Nationalism Cause and the Irish Nationalism Cause at the same time.

We believe that such a policy would further the aims of Sinn Fien for a United Ireland.

We have the opportunity to get this message/suggestion to the door steps of 45 Million people in England by leaflet in May 2009, and via Party Political Broadcast during May 2009.

If Sinn Fien is interested in opening discussions to further our parelllel causes and developing this strategy then please do not hesitate to get in touch, we are willing to meet in Dublin if this is of interest.

Like Sinn Fien, the English Democrats have had enough of “British Rule” we wish to have “English Rule” for England, “Irish Rule” for Ireland, “Scottish Rule” for Scotland and “Welsh Rule” for Wales the time for Britiain is in the past, England needs to rise as a Nation in it’s own right.

We recognise the historic & geographical links between our Nations, and feel that this is best served by the “Council of the Isles” with English rather the UK representation in future meetings.

I look forward to hearing from you further, I do hope this genuine offer is of interest.

Kind regards

Steven Uncles
National Membership Secretary
English Democrats

If this is true, the imbecile inadvertently ruined all of Steve Morris’s hard work in his campaign.
Uncles the Hut, will try and blame the leaker of the email, but that is just the way the fool operates, at the end of this episode in the trails and tribulations of the pie muncher of Kent, the Fat Controller sent the email.

Uncles, see picture above, is a moron and should not be allowed to have anything to do with the English Democrats. As all he touches seems to turn to dust.
He now is admin on his own page, English Passport on fb and partakes in an ego stroking blog where he likes to slag off all the other EN parties.

English Democrats should call for him to be chucked out of the party, and he should be banned from joining any English Nationalist party or cause.

Uncles you are a twat.


About englishwarrior

I am and Englishman who is fed up with the way the Government and others treats the people of England

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  1. Geoff, Worcester, England

    I’ve been suspicious for some time that Uncles is a Brit establishment plant, and not a very subtle one, either. The fact that he was allowed to resign from office in the English Democrats was a serious misjudgment on somebody’s (Robin Tilbrook’s?) part. He should have dismissed from the party altogether.

    • I agree, Robin is as much to blame as Uncles.
      Reading stuff on the BDF it seems there is many in agreement.
      Uncles has to go and Robin needs to step back or become life president and step away from his role in the foolish Uncles games.

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