Steve Uncles and the EDP, is this man trying to destroy all hope for the English Democrats?

Being the Warrior has a strange work pattern, I have been away for a while, working overseas.

I come back to another scandal surrounding the most hated man I have ever seen in English nationalism, for 10 years + I have been an English Nationalist.

After his attempted begging email to the Sinn Fien, he has tried and failed to recruit Richard Barnbrook, the GLA  member for the BNP.

Seems it has gone down like a lead balloon.

From: Derek Hilling []
Sent: 15 February 2011 08:03
To: Tilbrook Robin
Cc: Derek Hilling
Subject: Re: Draft – please comment asap


You may recall that Debbie asked me a pointed question – “Is this a motion of No Confidence or is it to remove Steve from his positions”. I replied that it was the latter, as was stated in the text of the resolution, and I freely admitted that it was poorly titled. I believe that everyone that voted knew exactly what they were voting for, that is the removal of Steve Uncles from his positions on the Executive. As it was my resolution that was voted on there cannot be any other conclusion.

Many members were looking to us to give them a clear sign that Steve Uncles was being disciplined over his recent actions. By declaring that he has resigned I do not believe that we have sent such a message.


On 14 Feb 2011, at 12:38, wrote:

In a message dated 14/02/2011 09:54:59 GMT Standard Time, writes:

The meeting voted unanimously to remove him from his post of National Communications Director and his position on the NC Executive. It was the NC that took the decision it was not Steve’s decision.


This is incorrect. What was passed was only a vote of no confidence and I then accepted his resignation. As I abstained also it could never be said that it was unanimous.

My statement stands.


This show of faith by the chairman, after all the foolhardy Uncles has been caught out by the party N/C and the EDP membership, is tantamount to being an act similar to aiding and abetting.

Robin seems to have no backbone, or Uncles has something on him.

From: Derek Hilling []
Sent: 14 February 2011 09:55
To: Derek Hilling;
Cc: DEBBIE LEMAY; David Lane

Subject: Re: Draft – please comment asap

Dear Robin,

I’m sorry but I have to disagree with the tone of your proposal. I know it was based on what I sent but I feel that it is far too praise-worthy of Steve. The point of the press release as far as I am concerned is to tell our members in particular that we have dealt with Steve Uncles’ maverick behaviour. We need to be firm and for you to suggest that we accepted his resignation is not a reflection of the meeting. The meeting voted unanimously to remove him from his post of National Communications Director and his position on the NC Executive. It was the NC that took the decision it was not Steve’s decision. As far as I am concerned we did not vote on Michael’s proposal because Steve offered to resign, if Steve had not made such an offer then it would have been right to discuss his expulsion as proposed by Michael.

Please do not make any statement on this until we can agree the words. I cannot agree to this statement as it looks like Steve was ‘calling the shots’, and that is not how it was. I have copied in the rest of the NC members who were at the meeting with my original proposal because I believe that this reflects the real tone of the meeting. We must not let our members think that Steve Uncles arranged his our demise, it was the NC that did that. If we do not make this clear then all those members that supported Fred Bishop’s motion will not be satisfied. I do not believe that your release will ‘kill the matter’.

I can be contacted on my ‘ ‘ address today as I have my laptop with me at work. Let us try to find a satisfactory statement today.



So the party secretary is not happy with the outcome of the meeting.

Anyway, Uncles resigned from his posts in the EDP, but done it by letter, he never turned up to the meeting so he could not be booted out.

I heard through the grapevine he is canvassing for supporters to back him in his bid to be reinstated as the SE area chairman, thus automatically putting him back on the N/C, with his backers, and the proxy votes the chairman gets to use in peoples absence from conferences etc.

Just a ploy it seems to get people to think he is not a threat to the party any more.

Think again.

As admin of the English passport page and a little known blog that is linked to this page he has been spreading rumours about other EN parties and members of his party.

Kim Gandy to join up with John Botting for One England ?

It is alleged that long term and controversial English Nationalist Kim Gandy and her partner Matthew Kelly are considering joining John Botting’s new One England party; they would then leave UKIP where Kim has never really been welcomed due to her English rather then British political outlook.

Kim is considering the post of “Diversity and Reconciliation Officer” a key role within the growing One England party, and crucial for the party’s development as a National political party to be taken seriously.

John and Kim have had their ups and downs in the past, mainly due Kim’s views on John’s activities, but is now looks as if they are both willing to have a new “live and let live attitude” for the future benefit of a shared vision of One England.

Best wishes to Kim and John, and indeed Matt in their new relationship.

Slagging off Michael Johnson,

Michael Johnson kicks off yet another English Nationalist Party

Anyone, who is brave enough to stand up for England, has the full support of this Blog.

However, it does seem that some poeple are more concerned with their own ego’s then actually doing something for England.

A political party, needs national structure, name recognition and marketing,

Michael Johnson, has already tried his efforts with the England First Party, the English Democrats, the For Darwen Party and now the For England Party.

He is now hot on the tail of Andrew Constantine who has been in , yes 4, English Nationalist Parties, English Democrats, Free England Party, English Independence Party and now the English Peoples Party.

Possibly if they had both stayed in one, then they both might have got somewhere ?

Michaels reply:

Michael Johnson Speaks in his own words – Chairman For Endland Party (Unregistered)

Being Michael Johnson i do actually know what i am doing and i dont need a tosser like Steve Uncles yet again posting crap and information about people that yet again is completly wrong.
This shows why he was sacked as communications office…r due to never having the correct information to pass on. Sorry he was not sacked he stood down it just happens that all the exec bar Mr Tillbrook voted against him.
Why he was not kicked out of the party i dont know? yet again more underhand goings on in the EDP. The reason i left the EDP is because of the actions of Steve Uncles and his posting on Facebook and other sites, writing garbage and crap without any form of background checks being done.
What can i say, Steve Uncles never lets the truth get in the way of some good false information. Who ever runs this site needs to ask themselves why they are allowing such an idiot to post on their behalf as an admin. I must say to mr J Botting, i had no idea this post was out untill it was sent to me, i am however aware of the fact that Steve Uncles, the IRA collaborating, Racist Joke postiing,british alliance maker for an English party,BNP partner,English Democrat destroying prat was the idiot who did this post and if he had even bothered to look at the page he has tried to get in to on more than one occasion he would have had all the information he needed.
So no it is not true that i am anything to do with this party but yes i have started a political party which Steve Uncles can look at and realise that he was the cause of this happening as i would never have left the English Democrats if it was not for him. I will not stay in a party that he is anything to do with because he is nothing more than a liability and a disgrace to any group or party he is involved with.
He is one of the most hated people in the English movement and he has earned this title with his abuse and inability to write the truth or even follow the basic party policy constitution.
Now it is in the public domain and nothing i have posted can not be proved every single word i have posted i can prove so if you accuse me of anything and it is wrong and i can show you are in any way breaking the law i will without doubt take every measure i can against you and do all i can to have you kicked out of the party you should have been kicked out of before you used robin tillbrook to weasel your self out of it yet again.
In a nutshell keeep your comments to your self and stay out of my business as you are not wellcome or wanted in any group page or web site we run. Your name is and will be blackballed on every For England Party site, page, meeting and or any event they are involved in.
Michael Johnson Chairman For Endland Party

All in all, Uncles just being a complete tosspot and attracting criticism for his party at any cost.

Tillbrook needs to grow a pair and rid himself of this albatross as soon as he possibly can, or if he wants him in the party that much just roll over and let Uncles herald in the new age of the ENP, EDP wing of the BNP.

On the BDF

Another High Profile Member Leaves The EDs
From a reliable source

“Fred Bishop, a much loved and respected member of the EDP has resigned from the party. I believe he could not get the kind of assurances he wanted from Tilbook about BNP involvement. He runs the ‘Armchair Activist’ element. I believe this will have an impact, as Fred is a middle off the road Englishman, typical of many of the EDP membership”.

For the sake of the party, the members of the EDP need to call a EGM and get rid of this liability before he kills any of the credibility left in the English Democrats.

Uncles is a liability for all of English Nationalism and just needs to piss off and crawl under the rock he came from, the obtuse moron.


About englishwarrior

I am and Englishman who is fed up with the way the Government and others treats the people of England

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  1. This is a blog that has been done by the admin of the English Passport page.

    This bloke is a complete moronic caveman.
    The Warrior was going to join the EDP, until he came across this imbecile.

    Uncles think and say what you like, you normally do.
    For the sake of anonymity, the Warrior will not go into my political background.

    But I will like to end with this comment.
    Uncles all you are and all you have been has happened to you by your own hand, do not blame anyone for your misfortunes, the fact people dislike you personally and politically.
    At the end of the day you go to bed an obnoxious, fat twat, then get up in the morning and still are one.

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