Ed Abrams has left the English Democrats.

Seen on another blog:

Ed Abrams, who was a National Council member, and a national spokesperson for the English Democrats Party, has resigned from the organisation due to the on-going links with the far-right.

Despite initially seeking to position themselves as an English equivalent of the SNP or Plaid, the EDP have subsequently cultivated links with fascist organisations, such as England First.


It is with great sadness and regret that I write to inform you of my immediate and irrevocable decision to resign from all offices within the English Democrats party and from the party itself.

That decision, although painful is I feel the only recourse open to me – as I can no longer associate myself with the direction the party is taking.

To be honest, I have to say that I am frankly staggered that not only has the party not learned the lessons from that debacle of a tie-up with the England First Party, it seems hell-bent on making things worse and alienating our natural supporters even further by cultivating insane amalgamations with various right-wing factions. I simply cannot and will not support a party which enters into discussions, agreements and pacts with groups such as the BNP and the EDL – and nor will millions of ordinary English voters.

I blame Steve Uncles for these bizarre dalliances with the far right – and for the initial impetus to tie-up with England First. At that time, I was bullied into meeting their officials by Steve – afterwards, I made it perfectly clear-as-crystal to you told you I would never-ever be put in that position again. As there have been recent meetings and discussions with the BNP and EDL it has regretfully left me with little choice but to resign.

For some strange reason, Mr Uncles appears to believe that engagement with these groups is the right direction to take the party – I don’t, and neither do the many, many other former members who have left the party over the past two years as a direct result of the England First initiative.

The English Democrats should be the natural voting choice for any proud English person – the party should be about championing our country – and our people. We should have many millions of sympathisers and voters throughout the country …. To coin a phrase, ‘Not Right, Not Left, Just English’.. But by pursuing the BNP and the EDL, the public perception of the party is that it has veered hard to the right; thereby alienating millions of our natural supporters and making the party strap-line sound like a sick joke.

After initial accusations from the media and the British Establishment that the EDP was a right wing organisation, the party worked hard to brand itself to the public as the English equivalent of the SNP but can you in your wildest dreams ever imagine that party having beer and sandwiches with Griffin and company?

No, neither can I.

In the 8 years that I have been a member I believe the EDP has taken the cause of ‘a fair deal for England’ and planted it firmly into the consciousness of thousands of English voters. However, I believe the party’s mainstream breakthrough will never-ever happen just as long as Mr Uncles is allowed to play fast and loose with the party’s public image. To be frank, it is he who is the biggest danger to the future of the party.

Over the years, virtually every member who has ever been in conflict with Mr Uncles has left the party, devoid of support and back-up from the top. Robin, your absolute failure to apply any controls to his role within the party and his ill-judged public pronouncements has seen many-a-good activist leave the party in disgust and disillusionment.

While Mr Uncles plays at cultivating right wing supporters of Pro-British Groups, England and her people continue to get shafted by the British Establishment. Millions and millions of people are routinely being filched, abused and fleeced – they are crying out for an inclusive champion, yet, amalgamations with groups like England First seems to be the overriding consideration of the party hierarchy. This cannot be right. Our fight must be against the British Establishment and what they have done and continue to do to our people and our country. Whilst I do agree that we have a problem with certain elements of the Islamic community, we as a party should not focus on this single issue but rather on achieving a united England under an English Parliament, free from British state interference. That should be our vision and one which we should be taking to the electorate.

And if the party does actually show signs of a breakthrough, I am afraid all the positive work that scores of party activists have done over the years will be unceremoniously undone when any junior reporter decides to type the name of the second highest official of the party into the Google search engine and view the resultant horrors for themselves. (Why not try it for yourself Robin?)

We have lost so many good, honest and hardworking activists because of the insane shoot-from-the-hip actions of one person. Robin, to say I am appalled that so little control has been exercised on him by yourself is somewhat of an understatement. You had/have the responsibility of controlling him. Whenever the opportunity arose to confront him and stop his scheming, you patently failed to do so – preferring to side with him and by implication back and further encourage his actions – thus leaving any opposition with little alternative but resignation. In my opinion, that inaction is unforgivable.

We have a country and 50 million people to save for God’s sake, yet the party seems obsessed with avoiding the voting mainstream! In my view, existing and ex-Labour voters must be the party’s target. They only vote Labour because they perceive them to be the party of the working class. It is clear that Labour has failed them – they will not vote Tory and are desperate to find a new political home. There is absolutely no reason why the English Democrats cannot fill that void. Those people in the Labour heartlands are the ones who will feel the British financial belt-tightening more than anyone, yet as far as I can see we have done next to nothing in trying to gain support in these areas.

England means more to me than life itself. Justice for our people is something I have always striven for – and it is a cause for which I will continue to fight! But remember, careless talk costs votes, credibility – and power. The sooner you and the rest of the NC realise this, the sooner a breakthrough will happen.

I would like to thank members of the party who have given me so much love and support over the years, I have made many lifelong friends. Please heed my comments Robin, the party is bigger than any one person – but certain people need to get off their power trips and put England first.(that’s a small ‘f’ by the way).

Could you please ensure that any page of facebook or any other social network site that has been set up in my name by members of the party is deleted.

Shalom to you and your family

Ed Abrams

Also On Toque’s blog here.

Well looks like Uncles has upset another English Nationalist.


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