Michael Johnson revisited.

Since my last blog, where Mr Johnson, former EDP PPC and Darwen councillor, came across as an honest bloke etc…………….. Well its like this, it seems he has made himself look silly and maybe lost a few voters for when he stands next.
Although I still stand by my last blog where I stated he showed good character in being honest about questions asked of him.

Ex-Darwen councillor branded ‘foolish’ over EDL rally

A FORMER councillor has been criticised for making an inflammatory speech at a controversial rally.

Michael Johnson, of Dean Street, Darwen, was a guest speaker at the English Defence League (EDL) demonstration in Bradford city centre on Saturday.

The former Blackburn with Darwen councillor and parliamentary candidate for Rossendale and Darwen made a speech saying he was ‘defending our identity from attack’.

But critics said the EDL’s actions were inciting hatred between communities.

More than 1,600 police from 13 forces were involved in the operation in Bradford at the weekend amid fears the demonstration would descend into violence.

Bricks, bottles and smoke bombs were thrown at anti-racism counter-protesters and police as around 700 EDL members gathered.

Fourteen people were arrested.

Former Blackburn with Darwen council leader Colin Rigby, who is a Darwen area councillor, said: “It doesn’t surprise me.

He was all over the place when he was a councillor.

“The majority of the people living in Blackburn and Darwen have a good relationship, regardless of where they come from.

“We do not have any problems at all and these rantings of his show he is a rather foolish individual.”

Speaking to the Lancashire Telegraph, Mr Johnson, who is of mixed race, said he was not against Muslims, but Islamists, who have ‘a rigid ideology, not a religion, which involves taking over the country and our people’.

He said he was not a member of the EDL but ‘the EDL are fighting for something I totally believe in’.

Mr Johnson was elected to the borough council in 2006 for the England First Party which called for a ban on mixed-race marriages, black footballers playing for England, aid to Africa and virtually all immigration to England.

Seems he has been silly on this one, but hopefully will be honest about it.


About englishwarrior

I am and Englishman who is fed up with the way the Government and others treats the people of England

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  1. He is a true “English” warrior, not frightened of telling the truth no matter that some of his “countrymen” are selling our country down the river.

    • Thanks for the comment and for reading my blog,
      He was honest when I spoke to him on the MEN network and This blog.
      As long as he is open and does not hide anything, he may not loses the voters.
      Up to him though.

  2. Sorry for not being in touch but having a broken neck has impeded my actions some what.
    As you are aware i am not one for hiding behind shrouds of political PC and i will in no way change my message to the public as that would do nothing more than make me part of the problem not the cure.
    Fact, the EDL are the biggest media outlet for the english movement at the moment and they dominate by far all the political feild of the English movement.
    If i speak at EDL demos and i get my message across to the public and out to the thousands following this on line and on the tv then tell me who is the fool???
    Do i support the EDL?
    I support the ideology of what they are trying to do and they are the first to become active with a single message. No to islamic exstremists.
    My speaches are of the same nature that i have been giving for many years. I do not intend to defend my self so i will just post two of my speaches given at EDL demos. The rest you can decide for yourself.
    I your case Warrior i know you will give it the unbiast respect it deserves and you will see the bigger picture to what i am trying to do.

    Bradford Demo (Why are we here)
    Why are we here, what is the reason why we come together from all over the country?
    The media would like everyone to believe it’s because we want to fight with everyone. The UAF say it is because we are violent racists and fascists, yet they are the ones who have the most arrests for violence and disorder.
    The reason we are all here is simple. We are here because we are no longer going to be racially abused and religiously terrorised in our own country.
    Our government created this problem by allowing unrestricted immigration into England calling it multiculturalism. Even then they knew what the result of this uncontrolled immigration would lead to but they didn’t care because they controlled the immigration vote.
    What they didn’t know was the Muslim extremists were aware of what was happening and they were organising and plotting even then.
    Anjem Choudary was a member of the commission for racial equality, (that’s like putting a fox in the hen house). In public he was stating the idea was for all cultures to practice together. And the idiots in Downing Street fell for it.
    What Andy Choudary (the drug taking, Cider swilling, Porno reading hypocrite) was saying in private to his Al Muhajiroun Islamic terrorists buddies was completely different. He stated for a fact and this is on public record.
    We cannot practice with these none believers because we need to remove you, we need to send in the army of jihad to wipe you off the face of this earth.
    Andy Choudary had all this worked out and he even had his twisted ideology ready to support his actions. He stated, we have a covenant of security which states the life and wealth of the people are secure and if they, the English violate this covenant we will defend ourselves.
    He went on to say they will violate it as the first demonstration they hold this can be seen as a threat so we can use all in our power to defend ourselves.

    He said, this is what we want as they are all Christians and we can slap them because they will turn the other cheek. He said, we are not Christians and we will not turn the other cheek we will attack. This is our excuse to fight and take authority.
    Everything I have just stated is true and on public record if you know where to look.
    Well I have a message for you Anjem Choudary,
    Yes we are a Christian race and we do turn the other cheek but we also do as it says in the bible and that is take an eye for an eye from those who wrong us. If you think we will stand by and let you attack our country and her people you are badly mistaken. Do you not remember your history?
    (Sorry I forgot you have no history because the Arabs invaded your country and killed off your royalty wiped out your religion and replaced it with Islam).
    Arab history remembers Richard the Lionheart coming to the Middle East and slaughtering the army of jihad where ever they met. Modern History has proved when Islamic extremists fight Christians they never win all they do is crawl back into their holes and act as terrorists.
    So once again I ask why we are here.
    We are here to show the people of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales there is nothing to fear and we are no longer going to be dictated to. We are no longer going to be told what to think. We are no longer going to be told what to say. We are no longer going to be frightened of being English because they brand us racist. We are no longer going to allow anyone stopping us flying our English National flag. I am English and I am proud of being English.
    I will defend our Culture from attack.
    I will defend our identity from attack
    I will defend our religion from attack.
    And I will defend our people from this evil that is extreme Islam.
    For years the government has pandered to these extremists allowing them to roam freely in our country.
    For years they did nothing about it.
    Well no more. Not here and not in England.
    The free ride is over. The English Defence League will oppose you where ever you show your face and where ever you hold your meetings. This is England and we are taking her back.
    Our government is frightened of the people of England; they are frightened of the English Defence League.
    They are frightened of the English Nationalist movement.
    They are more frightened of the English people than they are of the Islamic extremists.
    The Labour government did not listen and even with their Muslim block vote they were kicked out of power because of what the EDL did.
    The EDL showed the country that it was ok to stand up and say no more.
    The EDL showed the country they were no longer going to put up with this Islamic extremist tyranny.
    David Cameron needs to take heed that we are the power in this country not the government.
    English men and women have bled for this country fighting for her values and traditions. And we will bleed again if we come under attack.
    If David Cameron does not listen then we will use our power.
    We have the power to vote them in or to vote them out.
    We have the power to stand up and say no.
    We have the power to take to the streets and show the world that we are fighting back.

    The conservatives want to run the country, that’s ok if they want to run the country let them but they have to understand they are running it for us.
    They are only looking after it for us, for the people of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales and they have a duty to us.
    Their duty is to protect the people, to protect the Values and to protect our identity from any threat we might face.
    Well David Cameron we are under threat and we are under attack.
    We are under threat from Extreme Islam and we are under attack from Islamic extremists.
    It is your duty to defend us from these attacks.
    We know who they are we know what they look like we even know their names.
    If you do nothing then you leave it to the English and the English Defence League to fight you battles for you.
    So I give you warning David Cameron and Nick Clegg
    The EDL will fight back.
    The people of England will take to the streets.
    We will organise.
    We will protect ourselves against these Islamic extremists.
    David Cameron and Nick Clegg
    We will never surrender. We will never give in.
    No surrender to the Taliban.
    God Save the Queen
    Thank you.

    Preston Speech

    Preston Speech
    On 11th of September 2001, Islamic Extremists launched a series of coordinated suicide attacks. These attacks were supported and funded by al-Qaeda and targeted the United States of America.
    19 Islamists al-Qaeda murderers hijacked four commercial passenger jets. The Islamists intentionally crashed two of the airliners into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, killing everyone on board and 2,752 people working in the towers and surrounding buildings.
    The Islamists crashed a third airliner into the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia, just outside Washington, D.C.
    The fourth plane crashed into a field near Shanksville Pennsylvania after the passengers and flight crew fought back.
    They chose to sacrifice their lives protecting others rather than giving in to these Islamists animals.
    There were no survivors from any of the flights.
    The death toll from the attacks was 3,497. The majority of casualties were civilians; from of over 70 different countries. The dead also included many rescue service personnel. The number of people injured in the attacks on that one Day numbered over 7,000.
    This is attack made the world stand still.
    9/11 was not a terrorist attack.
    9/11 was not an attack by a terrorist organization.
    9/11 was an outright declaration of war by radical Islam on western culture and Christianity.
    This is a campaign by Islamists to bring down western civilization.
    There is a silent majority of Muslims who say nothing. They say Islam has been hijacked by Islamic fanatics who will kill any Muslim that dares to disagree with their brand of Islam. 100.000 Algerian Muslims who did not agree with the Islamists have been murdered by these animals. Have they died for nothing?
    Muslims who say nothing are also part of the problem.
    They say Islam has been hijacked, well I know one thing and that is the Islamists did hijack four planes on September the ninth and slammed them into buildings across America.
    In London on the 7th of the 7th 2005 Islamists murdered 52 people and injured 800 more.
    Around the world atrocities are being carried out by these same Islamists against anyone who will not bend to their Ideology.
    9/11 was an insult to all humanity by Islamists. They have no religion, they have no faith and they have no right to breathe the same air as any normal human being on this planet.
    They gave up that right the moment they committed mass murder not only in America but around the world.
    Islamists are the only people who change their religion to suit their needs.
    They are all hypocrites and I call them liars.
    Islamism is not a religion nor is it a faith. It is a social and political organization that hides behind the Koran. They do this to further their political goals of creating an Islamic state based on the same ideology as the Nazis and Adolf Hitler.
    Is this not bad enough? Is this not enough proof showing us they will not stop and they do not care? What more do they need to do to make every one understand and unite in this fight against Islamic fundamentalists.
    As we gather here to show our respect to the 9/11 dead and the thousands murdered around the world by these Islamists, one of the greatest atrocities in the eyes of humanity is being carried out in America. With the support of its president, against the wishes of the people, plans are being carried out to build a mosque on the site of ground zero.
    On the graves of the people who were never recovered from that site.
    On the site Islamists see as their greatest victory against the west.
    On the site were thousands were murdered in the name of Islam.
    I do not condone violence nor do I condone public conflict.
    If this was ever to happen in England I would personally lead a street army to the doors of Westminster and tear them down. Never in recorded history have I seen a bigger insult to the dead. Not now, not today and not ever will we allow this to happen in Britain?
    So where are we now? What is our true situation?
    We all know our government is lying to us, we know they are not letting us see the real threat we face. It was only last week Tony Blair stated publicly, our government sees the threat of Islamic fundamentalism in this country as being the biggest threat we have faced since the Second World War.
    Well it’s time to wake up people.
    9/11 showed us one thing. This threat is real and this threat can affect anyone of us anywhere at any time, in any country, in England, Scotland Northern Ireland or Wales.
    In pursuit of its supreme goal and in obedience to the word of Allah, millions of Muslims, including the 19 who carried out the crimes of 9/11 in the name of Islam, have dedicated themselves to waging war on the rest of the world, and more will do so in the years to come.
    For Britain, millions of English men and women will do the same as the 40 passengers did on flight 93.
    We will fight back and we will give up our lives to stop this Islamist threat.
    Have we forgotten about the IRA who blew us up on a weekly basis? We fought and killed them at every given opportunity, From Bloody Sunday to the Gibraltar petrol station. The destruction from the Manchester and the city of London bombs made 7/7 look quite small compared to the amount of damage and the number of dead and injured created by the IRA. They even tried to blow up the whole government once and Maggie was a walking target for IRA terrorist cells.
    Even after years of this slaughter we did not fear them, we fought them.
    So what the hell is going on? Why are we allowing this to happen?
    Why can’t we just turn or armed forces and our intelligence services loose? let our special forces do what they do best, that is eradicate all threats to Britain, her people, her sovereign territory and her monarch. This is the oath every member of the armed forces makes to the crown when they take up arms in defence of the realm. I know I was one.
    Our armed forces would have no problem fighting against these Islamists
    They are sick of the fact that Islamists seem do what they want and get away with everything they do. Our police officers are sick of having their hands tied for fear of being branded racist. A criminal is a criminal no matter what colour they are. They don’t care they would nick them all if they were allowed. A politically correct copper! What a load of garbage. You break the law your nicked end of. Ask them.
    If we don’t want to see the war every one said could and would never happen, explode on to the streets of England our government needs to wake up and remember Yugoslavia.
    Yugoslavia was a European country not a third world country. Almost no poverty and an infrastructure second to none in Europe.
    Bang, gone!
    Because their government failed to listen to the people and failed to resolve what the people saw as inequality.
    This happened to a people who only had a distrust of each other until the Islamists became involved with their Muslim enclave.
    (Not a hatred just a distrust)
    Can you see anything like this going on in Britain today?
    Can you see how things can go wrong so badly so quickly? Bear in mind this situation is only held together by the government’s belief and total reliance on the fact that this will never happen to us because.
    We have the Army?
    So did the Yugoslavian government till their army decided to take sides.
    This British government’s belief is dependent on the British Armed forces. This is an armed force that is sick of loosing men because of our government’s refusal to spend money, giving them the equipment they need to fight against?
    (Yes that’s right the Islamists).
    Generals and commanders controlling war zones are resigning because of our Governments failings. Our fellow country men and women are losing sons and daughters fighting against an enemy they can’t fight because they run off and hide in their safe haven,
    (Pakistan) one of our allies!!
    This is more than any country should have to put up with from a government who are supposed to be protecting us.
    Our army will never turn on its own people.

    So I beg of you all here today, remember 9/11 remember 7/7 and remember all the atrocities around the world carried out by these murdering hypocrites.
    Remember we are only one more atrocity on British soil away from having a Yugoslavian conflict of our own.
    Like the Americans did on flight 93, Believe what you are doing is right;
    Believe in your fellow country men and women
    Believe in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales
    Never give up
    Never give in
    Always fight back
    There will be no quarter given
    There will be no quarter asked for
    There will be no surrender
    Not today. Not tomorrow. Not ever.
    Remember 9/11
    Remember our fallen heroes.
    One Country. One people. One Cause.
    This is England
    No surrender to the Taliban
    No surrender from the English Defence League
    No surrender from March for England
    Thank you

    This is the message i have given out to the people and it is one of fact and it is time for us to stand up and say no.
    Burning poppies and demonstraiting against xmas, where does it stop.
    This is my country and this is the England of my worst nightmare. It is time we fought back and stoped this radicle islamification of England.
    For thoes who do nothing, they are part of the problem not part of the cure.
    I would rather have a group of patriots who have problems within their ranks fighting for a cause than a group of political mouthpieces who do nothing year in and year out then demand our votes at the next elections.
    Plastic politics for people who have achieved nothing in the political arena.
    I am the most sucessfull english nationalist in the history of the movement who has had more people elected than any other english party or english group and i am disgusted that the movement i support politicaly do nothing.
    They do nothing nor do they achieve anything, so yes i speak at EDL demos as they are the only ones that are getting the message out good or bad.
    The fact is the EDL have made more people aware of what is going on in England than any other English groups combined thats why i support them and do not attack them because they dont fit with the EN movements idea of how things should happen and change.
    Well wake up nothing has happened and nothing has changed it has just got worse..
    Michael Johnson

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