Steve Uncles……….English Democrat. Enemy or Friend of English Nationalism

The Warrior has been on Holiday for a few weeks, so I have caught up on recent events over the last few days.
I have noticed that the anti Steve Uncles fan base is raising. Inevitable really as he really does nothing for the prospects of his party nor for the English Nationalist scene, seems he is out for one thing only and that would be himself!

On the BDF:
Mr Uncles has called HSBC a racist bank, this may be true in a sense as they refused someone the right to have the word England in their bank account, but that was just one branch and all his links were old, from 2006.
Weird how the English Democrats use the same racist bank chain for the donations though!!!!!!

Here is the English Democrats facebook donations page.


BACS – Home Banking

Here are the details

Sort Code

5125 5177

English Democrats
– 185 High Street
Chipping Ongar

Please e-mail – when you make a payment – to confirm what whether you are Donating or Paying for Leaflets etc

So it seems that the bank they use is the same chain as he is claiming to be racist against the English.

He then goes on to accuse one of the posters of being predictable:

Jamie you are doing a fine job a putting this thread to the top of the search engines

I knew you would not let me down – your postings are so predictable !!!!!!!

What!!!!!!!! Basic internet savvy will show you that the most current topic will be near the top of the search, what a dick.

Now roll back and this is what he commented to the same person (who BTW seems to run rings round Mr Uncles in the thread):

Fortunately sensible people are on the National Council of the English Democrats, who know what is about to go on in the party, and know how the Internet Works.

Muppets like your self, are destined only to put up pointless posts that do nothing for the English Cause, indeed the majority of your posts are ill informed and negative to the English Cause.

Sometimes, you really do need to engage your brain before putting your foot in your mouth yet again.

So another statement from Uncles portraying himself as something he is not and that is clever.

Mr Rob states after quoting:

Originally Posted by Steve Uncles
Fortunately sensible people are on the National Council of the English Democrats, who know what is about to go on in the party, and know how the Internet Works.

Thanks for that Steve, funniest thing I have read all week

True words it seems.

Now here is Uncles again being his normal self on

Steven Uncles
June 28, 2010 • 11:02 pm

It is noted that every attempt is made to discredit the English Democrats as some sort of “BNP Lite” party.

Even though during the 2010 General Election, there was equal criticism for the English Democrats working with George Hargreaves (the Black leader of the Christian Party) and indeed the English Democrats have fielded Sikh and Muslim Candidates, a fact that commentators above have decided to ignore.

English is in the heart – nothing to do with Skin Colour as far as the English Democrats are concerned.


It is interesting to see the Plaid Cymru “links” to the BNP

Here >>>


To my knowledge no properties owned by Welsh People in England have ever been burnt down ??!?! – because the owners are Welsh.

Finally – Abergavenny – meaning “Gateway to Wales” is geographically half way into Monmouthshire – why if Monmouthshire is 100% Welsh, would the “Gateway” not be at the border with England ??

Oh and yes, any of the areas currently in England, that wish to consider themselves Welsh – should be allowed a referendum.

Surely as Democrats -then everyone would be in favour of this ?????

Still proud of working with the creationist, Christian, homophobic and want to be MP George Hargreaves. Which, incidentally, never come to any thing after the collapse of Uncles Alliance For Democracy so who is the fool kidding except himself.

So hinting towards another Nationalist party and their racism? Uncles when will you learn you need to work with other parties to achieve your goal.

Steven Uncles
June 29, 2010 • 6:30 pm


There appears to be a lack of understanding in these comments above that Legally Monmouthshire was an English County until 1974 – it’s status was changed from English to Welsh under the 1972 Local Govt Act.

The change occurred in grubby event late at night in parliament, as an attempt to reduce the rise in Welsh Nationalism in Wales in the 1970′s.

Do Welsh Natioanlists simply belive that this was a clerical error, or are they so deluded enough to believe that they don’t actually recognise the status of Monmouthshire existed as an English County for a considerable period of time ?

Ordanance Survey Maps, the Encyolpedia Britanica and many other publicaitions clearly showed Monmouthshire as an English County and the English-Welsh Border to the East of Monmouthshire.

You do yourselves no favours by ignoring these FACTS.


By the way – as a DEMOCRAT, then I believe that any areas either side of the current Welsh/English border or even the English/Scottish border should be able to decide DEMOCRATICALLY their own National status.

Sorry if democracy offends you !

I thought that Plaid Cymru and the SNP were Democratic Nationalists – maybe they are just as bad as the BNP ?

There you go again calling other parties racist, you twat you need to work with these people.

The first bold lettering alludes to democracy, what the fuck do you know about democracy? Nothing I once read somewhere that people called for referendum on party affairs like the Alliance for Democracy, or on wasting time and precious resource on your plan to gain back Monmouthshire.
Yes they should have a referendum but not by your tactics, it will not happen now as they are not interested and the ED will never be voted in there thanks to some idiot and his mates going on to another forum and slagging the welsh, you twat.

Here he is again blowing his own trumpet thinking he is something he is not and that is important in politics, his only importance it seems is He is there to ridicule:

Steven Uncles
July 3, 2010 • 1:11 am

TO: Philip R Hosking

In response to your post above.

In 2005 I was given the task to speak to as many Engilsh Nationalist paties and other parties as possible to unite them under the English Democrats banner and indeed the English Democrats Moderate Manifesto

This includeded meetings with;-

New England party
English Independence Party
English Parliamentary Party
English Independent Party
English Progressive Party
English Pan-Nationalist Alliance
Free England Party
England First Party
Engilsh Democratic Party
English National Party
Democratic Party
English (Poetry) Party
Countryside Party
Liberal Party
Jury Team
Popular Alliance
UK First
Christian Party
Winston Mckenzie
Senior Citizens Party
UK Reform Party
New Party

The fact that opponents of the English Democrats, which to focus on one of these meetings, just shows the depths people will go to to try to discredit our party – it is a meeting taken out of context with what the English Democrats are trying to achieve.

We achieved some success, in converting some people to the moderate English Democrats way of thinking, others I am afraid continue in their chosen direction – but at least we tried.

We also have invited talks with SNP and Plaid Cymru, and invited both PC and SNP to attend our Annual Conference and Conference Dinner as guests.

SNP accepted our offer of talks
PC refused.

The English Democrats is however now established as the largest English Nationalist party, we believe it is worthwhile talking to people and parties, to determine if there is common ground – before making wild assumptions about the party, before a meeting or correspondance has occurred.


What I do find strange is why a Plaid Cymru Councillor (Welsh Nationalists) would defect to the British National Party (BNP) which is generally accepted as White Racist British National Party ?

Do you have many members in Plaid Cymru who are actually racists, hiding behind the moderate Plaid Cymru image ?

English Independence Party = Ethnic nationalists

England First Party = Racist, holocaust deniers, and was in partnership in certain areas of England with Uncles and his EDP.

English National Party = defunct and owned by Tilbrook.

Jury Team = Was in the Alliance but pulled out and fielded no candidates

Popular Alliance = Who

UK First = As above

Veritas = As above

Christian Party = Creationist, homophobic and run by a megalomaniac

But the English Democrats have no racist ties, and here is Uncles admitting he initiated these ties and forged the alliances? Uncles you Idiot you just proved the links with racist parties by posting this along side stating we are not racist. Moderate manifesto? That is questionable.

The attacks go on please read for the further mishaps by him and his mates.

Lots of people seem to bear the brunt of his and his friends Ad Hominem attacks, Mr Rob, Sebastian Melmouth, jamiemccaffery, Anglo Staffs, LeChiffre, Steve Shark and many others including lately Northumbrian who is standing down from his place as NE Chairman. Uncles had the cheek to tell him his resignation will not be accepted, it is a voluntary role within the English Democrats!!!!! Twat.

Those of you who think Uncles is good for nationalism and the English Democrats please read all his postings here then make up your mind.

I did and came to my conclusion after reading his postings of racist jokes, mocking people constantly, being obnoxious, mocking Chris Lightfoot’s suicide, that he is an egotist, the power within his party has gone to his head, and he is a nasty piece of work, that is my opinion though.

See what you think.

BTW he will take all this as publicity for him and his party, as he sees any publicity is good for them, think again you idiot.


About englishwarrior

I am and Englishman who is fed up with the way the Government and others treats the people of England

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  1. Sigh – when will people learn that these sort of ‘upsets’ should be dealt with quietly.

    Regardless of what he has done or not done, what he has said or not said – what this kind of public ranting will do is provide the enemies of England and its parliament a battering ram to bludgeon us to death.

    And sadly, for I have great respect for him, the same coimplaint applies to Toque.

    What other party has at its heart the creation of an English Parliament? None – so why destroy the party to pay back an unpleasant character. Unless you can provide another party with the political will to give us back our parliament; I for one, will not thank you.

    • I see where you are coming from, but he is the spokesperson and it is he that is destroying a party that could be good for England.
      While he is around it seems no one will take them seriously.
      I never really heard of the ED, they were pointed out to me by other postings across the internet, and I read their manifesto, nearly all good stuff in there, looked at what they were up to, see some good prospects within.
      Then came across Uncles, and saw all the postings, the mocking of people alive and dead. Also racist jokes, and the disruption he is causing in the movement by his better than thou attitude.
      We as English nationalists need to work with others to gain what we want, this loon alienating other nationalists along with other nationalist parties within the UK is knocking our efforts backwards not forward to the ultimate goal.
      Your choice to respect him, shame that he does not get afforded that feeling from others it seems.

      Thank you for your comment and for reading my blog.

  2. Oh Dear

    How tedious, to go through your various postings to point out the mistakes, and the stuff taken out of context.

    One Example

    As the English Nationalist Party, was the previous name for the English Democrats, and does not have a manifesto, as the name is only being held to stop anyone else getting hold of it – how have you come to the conclusion that a shell party with ZERO policies is Racist ? – That’s just one example.

    What possible advantage to the English Movement, is your blog ?

    English Warrior – you have already summed yourself up

    “English Demoidiot, fat twat, twat”

    • Charm school fared you well it seems.
      Stop being churlish and grow up. You post it to the net, it will be taken in any context the reader wishes to perceive it.
      You have a lot to learn about modern technology if you do not realise this.

      Fancy churning up old Blog posts like this one, I had forgot about you.
      Thanks for popping up on the radar again, lets see what else I can find about you and your chums.

      Well Done Steve.

  3. Oh Look

    Here is Eddie Bone of the Campaign for an English Parliament (CEP)

    Speaking to the Rev George Hargreaves – who you describe as

    “Christian Party = Creationist, homophobic and run by a megalomaniac”

    Are you also associating the CEP with your claimed views of Rev George Hargreaves ?

    • You are so predictable, christ I had forgot about this blog page but thanks for reminding me of your existence , I will have to go and see what else I can find on you and blog about that.

      In answer to your question, my views are just that mine, only an idiot would try and associate them with some one else.
      Your links with EFP? Does that mean you are a holocaust denier too?
      I dont think you are, but by your analogy that my views are the CEP views, it must be true. Shame on you Steve.

  4. Read the book – The Political Brain by Drew Weston

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