For Junius Highway 82 revisited (via Hundreds and Thousands (on the trifle of life))

Junius, here is his next blog where he agrees with your comment then gives reasons.

I don’t think I’ve ever made a blog comment the subject of a blog entry before, so if this is a first for this blog so mote it be… Many thanks to Maria for her comment, which I quote below in full and unedited: Deelyboppers, legwarmers, the ZX Spectrum… Civil unrest in Northern Ireland? Surely the start of that pre-dated 1982? Public service utbacks? Surely they pre-dated 1982? Rising unemployment? That certainly pre-dated 1982! And we didn't h … Read More

via Hundreds and Thousands (on the trifle of life)


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  1. Why thank you for the update; I appreciate it; and having read his response carefully, I will agree that it is a very generalised account of the early 80’s if not exactly 1982, as mentioned in the title.

    Forgive me for being slightly pendantic, but 1982 has an entirely different aspect in my memory and we all assigne to our memories our specific truth. I was deeply engrossed in the Falkland War, with friends and family either engaged in the military or descendents of settler on the island – so I had a vital interest in the outcome.

    The IRA was engaged in subversive acts of terrorism back in 1974, when I recal being evacuated frrom a shopping centre through an suspected bomb threat.

    The reason I raise these slight inaccuracies in his account is that credibility is built on statements which can be substantiated, and if they can’t be, we tend to take less notice of arguments and attitudes which maybe deserve better from us.

    Perhaps, he might have investigated why it was in 1982 we were still having to rescue an economy which had been just about destroyed by the previous Labour Government – in that I will be quite happy to revisit to reasons for his memories for 1982 🙂

    • Thought I would just show it was a generalisation, and I remember the bombs too, and the recession not a good time really.
      Successive governments will not change this aspect as we have learnt with the last recession and the 7/7 bombings.
      The world has moved on but we are still reliving the cycle and no doubt the younger people of today will probably (but hope they never do) go through it again in the future.

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