Labour’s legacy to Britain

Seen on the Tory web pages:

The Conservatives have published Labour’s Last Will and Testament, outlining thirteen years of economic failures.

The document, published ahead of next week’s Emergency Budget, sets out why we must act now to reduce the deficit the previous Government left behind.

Commenting on the release of the document, Conservative Party Co-Chairman Sayeeda Warsi said:

“Let no one be in any doubt about the mess that Labour have left behind. We are all in this together and must realise the consequences of their 13 years in charge.”

This is Labour’s legacy:
Every man, woman and child in Britain now owes £22,400
We now have one of the worst deficits in Europe
There are 2.47 million people out of work
One in five young people is unemployed
£3 billion on benefit overpayments and £10 million on tax credits for the dead
Selling off Britain’s gold at a 20 year low in the market.

Sayeeda added, “The cuts that are coming are Labour’s cuts.”

The worrying fact behind all this, is that people were willing to vote Labour back in, too many brainwashed idiots who subscribed to Labour’s indoctrination nearly added another few years of this accumulated destruction of the nation of England and the rest of the state called UK. Hell bent on making us euro idiots, Labour would have made us all answerable to Brussels and to the will of the Germans and the French who basically run their own Orwellian Europia.

Full text of the document can be found here.


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I am and Englishman who is fed up with the way the Government and others treats the people of England

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