Cornish nationalist (via Englisc Dragon)

Cornwall is such a beautiful place, full of picturesque villages and idyllic landscapes.
Why would the minority of Cornish nationalists want to burden Cornwall with their proportion of the national deficit for the Cornish people to pay off? Surely the small village businesses will fold under the pressure.
If you go to Cornwall, many of the people are proud to say they are English, and proud they come from Cornwall but do not want independence.
Just as you would not expect a person from Cumbria to want to be a separate nation, they are proud to come from their area and will tell you this, but most of all they will be proud to be English.
So pasty munchers give it a rest and join in the fight for a fairer England, maybe you would get local government that deal with Cornish matters, but just be proud to be English.

Cornish nationalist Cornish independence has been championed and campaigned for as long as its English counterparts. Recently I read The Cornish Democrat's article on 'English Friends' "Within the world of English nationalism most Cornish campaigners will not expect to find support….. Quite the opposite is the sad reality. The venom with which English nationalists, even the supposedly more moderate ones from the Campaign for an English Parliament, not to mention h … Read More

via Englisc Dragon


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I am and Englishman who is fed up with the way the Government and others treats the people of England

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