Can England Afford The Celtic Bloc And The EU?

We are living in austere times. There is plenty of pain to come for the taxpayers of England. The bank bailouts, mainly Scottish banks, are costing us a fortune. Our dues to the EU are increasing, and we have to pay the costs of the British union. Quite simply, it is costing the English taxpayer a fortune supporting membership of these two unions, money that could be spent in the poorer areas of England,on decent public services and to create a sustainable business environment.

Is membership of these unions worth it?

England is used as a cash cow by both unions, but there doesn’t seem to be any benefit for the English taxpayer. Tony Blair once talked about the £10 bn union dividend for Scotland. How much is the union dividend for England? This is the same Tony Blair that gave away the EU rebate negotiated by Margaret Thatcher and got nothing in return.

The money to pay for membership of the UK and the EU comes solely from the English taxpayer and we have nothing to show for it. Our laws are made by the British and European elites and meekly we surrender to both sets. The English have always had a reputation for fair play and integrity, but this seems to have vanished from our national character in recent times. we turn a blind eye these days to the fleecing of our pockets and we’ve lost that sense of rebellion whenever we are treated harshly.

We English need to rediscover our toughness and begin to stand up for ourselves again. We must say no to the British and Europeans and eject their rule from our land. It is no good burying our heads in the sand while they dominate us and fleece us.

It is time for the people of England to unite and to take our country back from these unions.


About englishwarrior

I am and Englishman who is fed up with the way the Government and others treats the people of England

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  1. This Royal Throne of Kings

    In a word? No.Can we leave now, please?

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