Nick Clegg:Target Number One – Update

22 May 2010 by Free England Alliance

The campaign to target Nick Clegg has another dimension to it now. Mr. Clegg has stated that the West Lothian Question is going to be “difficult” to answer, so we are going to make it easy for him.

We now know his Sheffield Hallam constituency has less than 70,000 in it, so if a petition with around 7,000 signatures on it can be gathered, it might be possible to have him brought to book under the proposal by the ConDems which will allow constituents to recall an MP for serious wrongdoing. His reluctance to deal with the WLQ and the Barnett Formula should be seen by all decent and fair-minded people as a wrongdoing.

Coupled with this, there should be demonstrations in Sheffield Hallam highlighting the injustices of the WLQ and the Barnett Formula. These should be the two key issues at this stage and the target should be the Deputy Prime Minister. Perhaps a good date for a demonstration should be St. George’s Day 2011, if the ConDems have failed to address these issues by then.

One of the arguments which will be used by the ConDems is the issue of creating two classes of MPs in the Commons, but this already exists. Take this for example. Nick Clegg and LibDem Scottish Secretary of State Danny Alexander are elected to Westminster on different mandates by their constituents. Mr. Alexander is sent to Westminster to represent his constituents on those matters not devolved to the Scottish parliament, whereas Mr. Clegg represents his constituents on all matters. These two are the classic example of two classes of MPs in the Commons.

If Scottish MPs feel aggrieved at being barred from voting on English-only issues, then tough. They are not elected to Westminster for this purpose, and they have to accept this is a consequence of devolution. English issues are none of their business anyway.

The campaign against the Deputy Prime Minister could be a major weapon in the fight for English devolution. If he is a typical politician, he will be terrified of the prospect of being called to account and losing power. I consider this the best opportunity to fight for the rights of the English in a decade.


About englishwarrior

I am and Englishman who is fed up with the way the Government and others treats the people of England

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