Nick Clegg: Target Number One

A commentator on the main blog has pointed out that Nick Clegg finds the WLQ “difficult”. That’s because, like the rest of the British political establishment, he has no intention of finding an answer.

Now here’s an idea.

The ConDems have said in their policy document that the electorate would have the right to recall an MP for serious wrongdoing if supported by 10% of constituents. I don’t know the size of his Sheffield Hallam constituency, but let’s say it’s 100,000. It would take 10,000 signatures to have him recalled. I believe the failure to address the WLQ is a serious offence and one that he should be called to account for.

It should be reasonably easy to collect 10,000 signatures as there must be at least that who are either opposed to Nick Clegg, opposed to his deal with the Tories, or who support the idea of the WLQ being addressed. Sheffield is a university City and there could be a large number of students who are angry that they will have to pay higher tuition fees while their Scottish counterparts pay nothing.

And even if there were enough signatures collected but the recall bid was unsuccessful, it would cause huge embarrassment to the coalition.

Perhaps it’s an idea worth considering.


About englishwarrior

I am and Englishman who is fed up with the way the Government and others treats the people of England

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