Scotland Is Overepresented In Westminster

Scotland has 59 MP’s in Westminster. Prior to devolution it sent 72. England has over ten times the population Scotland has, so you would expect England to have over ten times the MP’s Scotland has. Not so. England sends only 529 MP’s to Westminster. A lot you might think, but not in the grand scheme of things in comparison to Scotland.

If there had been no devolution Scotland should only be entitled to send about 52 MP’s to Westminster, but for some reason, successive British governments have allowed Scotland far greater representation than their population warrants.

Now let’s consider the impact devolution has had on the British government.

Approximately 75% of issues to do with Scotland has been transferred to the Scottish parliament. These include whole areas of domestic business such as health and education. A Scottish MP has an extremely light workload compared to their English counterparts and appear to delight in getting involved in non-Scottish business.

So let’s do the maths. Scotland should have only had 52 MPs in Westminster prior to devolution. With devolution in place and operating 75% of Scottish business, this means that Scotland should send no more than 13 representatives to Westminster.

If devolution max is introduced in Scotland, this number should be reduced further, but will the British government do this?



About englishwarrior

I am and Englishman who is fed up with the way the Government and others treats the people of England

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