The Truth about England from the eyes of the older generation.

This is how an older lady feels about the way England gets treated by Government and will be treated by the future ones.

English given raw deal compared to rest of UK
Saturday, April 24, 2010, 09:00

HAVING watched the launch of the manifestos of the major political parties, I’m beginning to feel marginalised and used by other member countries of the UK who have devolved parliaments.

I am researching my family histories on the four strands of my grandparents’ families and find we are English through and through, always living in England.

It seems that our Parliament in Westminster funds, with the European Union, much of the budget of the devolved governments of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. We visit Wales on holidays and notice how much infrastructure and improvements are paid for by the EU and the UK Government.

When are we English, who provide the bulk of funds for Northern Ireland’s, Wales’s and Scotland’s assemblies, going to get an assembly for ourselves? It seems to me we are the losers in England, and especially in the South West, with our high council taxes and record water rates.

When it comes to EU grants we don’t do as well as our UK and Northern Ireland compatriots — the only way we can have our own say is a devolved assembly of our own.

This Government has no wish to change the status quo as it has many MPs who are members of both assemblies and the Government in London. The SNP wants a hung parliament. We English are the ones who will be hung, drawn and quartered by our brothers and sisters in these British Isles.

I am no little Englander; my ancestors were French, who came over with William I after 1066, so historically we are not pure English but Norman, diluted by a millennium of marrying into other English families.

When is our voice going to be heard? Approaching my 70s I, and many like me, feel we have no say in what happens to our money, which is often squandered on a one size fits all approach to the many problems we face.

My parents will be spinning in their graves after all the sacrifices they made from 1939 to 1945, and for years afterwards, with rationing, fuel shortages and low wages, and with a new Welfare State helping those who really needed and deserved help.

It was beneath their dignity to ask for help and they struggled on for years to buy their home so that they could leave a bequest for their children and grandchildren.

Their like will never again be able to have that luxury unless they are very rich. Average Joes and Jills like us won’t be able to have that cushion as we are living a lot longer with the attendant problems old age brings.

Both sides of my family live long lives (except my dad, who smoked) so our money will be spent on health care, except — at the moment — if you live in Scotland, where it is paid for.

Let us hope that our next government addresses the problems we English have vis-a-vis the amount we get in return for the taxes we pay.


Mulberry Close, Paignton

We The English all have a duty to help in a fight for a better England, so we are not feeling so disparaged like this lady.
Please join THE CEP, and help fight for the betterment of our great land.

And join the Free England Alliance.

To paraphrase Tesco’s, Every Little Helps.


About englishwarrior

I am and Englishman who is fed up with the way the Government and others treats the people of England

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