Is The Alliance For Democracy No More?

Well it seems the Alliance For Democracy is a non entity, all the members have left or are just so called associates.
First there was a number of parties in this alliance, Veritas, The Christian Party, UK First, Jury Team, English Democrats and Popular Alliance among some of the names.
Slowly they left one by one and became associate parties to the Alliance.
Popular Alliance emailed a person on a FB Page which is Anti Peter Davies.
Email received by a member of the Anti-Peter Davies Facebook group from one of the Popular Alliance leaders:
“Thanks for the dialogue, it is a real shame that this initiative has gone so far off the rails. I had great hopes that like minded groups could work together; just shows how naïve I was.

Initially it started well, the objective was for the smaller parties to work together where policies aligned and don’t worry where they don’t. There was sufficient common ground to make a good go of it. Then the Jury Team and EDP started to dream up new issues which did not feature in the individual parties and also started to boss the way things should be run. Suffice to say, the genuine parties left very quickly, PA, UKF and Veritas. We are still talking to each other and another initiative may still spring up but based on the original principle of alliance of policies, not personalities.

In the PA we became uncomfortable with some of the more extreme views that quickly surfaced and the dogma behind them.

Still, it was worth a try.

Then the Warrior has learnt today that The Jury Team is no longer going to field candidates, after reading a blog by Old Holborn. Where it was said:
Jury Team have announced their intention not to contest the 2010 General Election, so I’m standing as an Independent. Which means I can swear again and stuff.

If you are a constituent of Cambridge and would like to be a nominee (I need 10, only need a name and address and you must be on the electoral roll), please get in touch urgently.

I’m also looking for volunteers for a stunt involving rotten fruit in Cambridge Market this weekend to make some noise for the TV cameras and press.

Let the fun begin.

The English Democrats seem to be the only member left in the alliance, and on the BDF one of the area chair confirmed they were, under the guise of Little Englander (sour) David Knight said “I can confirm they are.” (second post)

Well it can be confirmed that he was wrong.
Taken from The Jury Team Face book page topics

Jury Team decided not to contest the General Election because the number of viable candidates dropped below a tenable level. We wish the remaining candidates who are running as independents the best of luck and will be following their campaigns with interest.

As has been shown in the last few days by the major parties clamouring to move towards our reform policies, the philosophy behind Jury Team is bang on. The difficulty is always going to be getting a message heard above the media machines of the main players.

We would like to thank everyone for their support and for the interesting discussions here and elsewhere. We have no doubt that many will have an opinion and we look forward to reading them.

Jury Team as a concept goes on. We are absolutely correct in our view that Parliament needs reform at its very heart, not just the superficial measures announced recently by others. Anyone taking the time to actually look at our proposals will instantly realise that our intentions are to improve politics for everyone.

Those that object to us either don’t understand or perhaps have their own agenda.

For the former, we have to try harder to get our message heard.

And we will.


So if they are fielding no candidates and not contesting the Alliance for Democracy must be no more. And the English Democrat area chair has not got a clue, as shown on the BDF. And this man wants to lbe one of the leaders of my country, and knows nothing of what is going on. Yeah Right!!!!

The Warrior thinks the alliance was a good concept, but was handled wrong and the alliance was doomed from the beginning. The old saying “too many cooks spoil the broth”, there was far too many egos trying to steer this ship.


About englishwarrior

I am and Englishman who is fed up with the way the Government and others treats the people of England

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  1. An English Parliament will be good for the English people. The English Democrats was an immobile potential gravy train for self interested middle class egos. I would suggest most of the party were labour voters in disguise, hoping for rewarding executive positions. Another bloody expenses scandal party.

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