Michael Johnson English Democrat.

Although the warrior agrees with some of the English Democrats and what they are standing for, I had trouble warming to someone who had such a strange back ground.

Michael Johnson  Rossendale and Darwen candidate for the English Democrats has had a chequered past after a stint with The English First Party, a far right party from the North of my great land.

Here is a piece about Mr Johnson from the Manchester Evening News.

Election 2010: Michael Johnson (English Democrat)

Michael Johnson is standing as English Democrat candidate for the Rossendale and Darwen constituency. Here, he describes his policies and achievements:

I am a Darwen lad from a Darwen family who has lived and worked most of my life in and around Darwen. I am married to my wife Jacqui and we have two teenage sons aged 18 and 16. I am the current councillor for the Fernhurst ward representing the English Democrats.

I had little interest in politics because I did not think any political party really represented the views of the people.

I felt they were only interested in your vote so their party could be in charge. My interest in politics came because of my concern for my country, England. I became angry with politicians who cared less and less about the rights of the English people they are suppose to represent.

They have been systematically destroying the fabric of England by attacking our heritage, our culture, our identity and our right to stand up and be proud of saying: “I am English.”

I for one say enough is enough.

I will fight for my country, my fellow countrymen and women.

I will fight against the repressive regime of the EEC. I will fight the lunatic political PC brigade and I will fight for the right to have a political voice of our own by creating an English parliament for English MPs.

We are here to give voice to the silent majority.

England has a proud history and a great future. We are not politically correct nor would we ever want to be, England expects us all to do our duty.

It is time to act! Never voted before? Not voted for a long time?

It is time for change, Michael Johnson is the candidate for you and the English Democrats are the party who will make the changes. The time is now! Help us make the changes by voting for Michael Johnson and the English Democrats.

“There is a forgotten, nay almost forbidden word, which means more to me than any other. That word is England.” – Sir Winston Churchill

So the Warrior decided to comment on the piece to see if Mr Johnson would answer questions.
Are you the same Michael Johnson who was involved with the England First party, the far right fascist party which entertained holocaust deniers and people from combat 18 and national front, Cotterill . Also had liaisons with Rushton the fervent holocaust denier and member of the BPP, who wants to repatriate all non white residents in Britain. If so how come you have never apologised for this involvement and are you bringing your far right views to this party you are representing now?http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/England_First_Party, So you are standing now for a new party after you fell out with Coterill.

And his responses were.
English Warrior, Yes you are correct i was involved with EFP but never a member. If you are so well informed you will also have the ability to post why i fell out wit EFP and left them after 7 months. You should also be aware of my interviews on the Politics today show and the Sunday politics show where a pannel of senior members of the house of commons agreed with what i had to say. i stood for EFP in the 2006 elections on my own principles and won on them, as an English Nationalist. As far as the white power and all the rest of that stuff, it might come as a bit of a shock to you but have a look at my photograph and work out if i am olaf the viking warrior. You have the right to try and smear any candidate or cause questions to be asked but you also have the right to do your homework and relate the truth. In this case i can make it easy for you. Go to the Lancashire Telegraph and look up the reson why i left EFP in 2007 which is nearly 3 years ago!! For any one who is reading this blog. Yes i represented EFP on local matters but fell out with the party because of the views of some of the membership, i have served the English Nationalist cause for many years and my views are on public record. When attacked in the council because i commented on immigration i was given a signed pettition from over 50 members of the Asian community in Darwen including the local Mulla, supporting me and defending me against the comments made against me in council. So English Warrior work it out for your self as i and the thousands of supporters i actually have in Darwen dont need to! they dont take on board smear campaigning especially on well worn matters which are now over 3 years old and many many council meetings later. Please come up with something relevent to the work i have done! or if you can find any comments on work i have not done for my community. Thank you Michael Johnson. Councillor Fernhurst Ward.

Yes you are correct i was elected for EFP but i was never a member. I was elected for my stance on local politics and local government. What you have not mentioned is the fact that i fell out with the party after less that 7 months because of the direction the party was taking by some of the membership. I am aware of your attempt to smear me with this information but unfortunatly it is very old hat and has been kicked about that much i dont care anymore what people like you post. The fact is English Warrior, (a verry Anglo Saxon sounding user name by the way)! all you have to do is look at my photograph and work it out for your self if i am Olaf the great Viking Warrior from over the sea. If you would like to attack me please feel free to do so! on the flip side please come to Darwen and i will introduce you to the local Darwen mulla who is by the way a supporter of mine, we can then take a stroll round the town and you can meet many members of the Asian community who also support me. That must be why they signed a pettition in support of me against comments made by Labour and Liberal councillors at full council. If this is not enough information you can check the LET and look up why i left EFP after 7 months. Just to help you a little more watch the Politics today show and the Sunday Politics Show where you will see a cross party panel of senior members of the house of commons who all agreed with what i was saying. So with respect could you please refrain from giving only part of what you deem to be a story when it is infact nothing more than a very ill and uniformed bit of gutter press designed to do nothing more than smear the candidate using only your interpritation of events that you actually cant even get right. Keep the faith and see you in Asgard. Michael Johnson, Pc and councillor for Fernhurst ward Darwen.

My answer.
Fair comments, I am happy to see a prospective candidate who is honest, it was not an attempt to smear you just to see what calibre of person you are. It seems you are an English Nationalist, not a Ethnic Nationalist I hope, which is good in my book. Well done for being truthful and showing a honest character.

The reason he left the English First party can be found here.
England First pair quit party

BOTH England First councillors for Blackburn with Darwen are leaving the far-right party.

Coun Michael Johnson, who represents Fernhurst, will tonight quit to join the new party For Darwen, created last week.

And Coun Mark Cotterill, who represents Meadowhead, will stand down as a councillor and leader of party at the local elections on May 3.

It comes less than a year after the England First Party gained the seats on the council.

Coun Johnson said he had told Coun Cotterill three weeks ago of his plan to quit because he did not like the direction the party was taking, and had felt out of the loop.

Coun Cotterill said his own resignation was down to moving to Preston where he had a job outside politics.

His spokesman said the timing of the pair’s resignations were “just a coincidence”.

He denied that Coun Cotterill was leaving because he did not see a future for the party on the council without Coun Johnson.

The pair fell out publicly in December after Coun Cotterill posted a link from the party’s website to a YouTube video that depicted Jesus making an offensive hand gesture and hurtful remarks about Islam.

Coun Johnson said he found the material offensive but Coun Cotterill said the video was amusing.

Coun Johnson said: “I feel that with For Darwen I am going back to my roots.

“Fernhurst might be in Lower Darwen but to say Lower Darwen is in Blackburn is like calling a pheasant a peacock.

“I think we will be able to achieve more than England First could have.”

Both Coun Johnson and Coun Cotterill were elected in May 2006 and the party was immediately labelled racist after details of its manifesto, which had included banning non-white footballers from the England squad, were revealed.

This I knew, I was just seeing how honest the man would be if questions was asked about his past.
He, in the Warriors book, answered honestly and candidly, and that is one of the things we all want from a politician.
The Warrior also thinks, that if he has learnt from his past deserves serious consideration from a character point of perspective, all it boils down to is if you agree with his policies.
So to Michael Johnson if you ever read this, I think you’re of good character to show honesty in your answers. And from one Englishman to another, good luck in your campaign, and keep up the work fighting for England. And always tell the truth or it will crop up at unwanted points in your life.


About englishwarrior

I am and Englishman who is fed up with the way the Government and others treats the people of England

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  1. They could have picked a better photograph,looks a bit odd!

  2. Patrick Harris

    You think his photograph is “odd” have you SEEN Mrs. Beckett or Miss Withoutacomb.
    Stopped them getting elected dinnit, Listen to what he has to say, it’s not a beauty contest.

  3. Councillor Michael Johnson

    I will not lower myself to cast dissparaging remarks about my fellow candidates even if they have been found gulity of forgetting that they have claimed double the allowed allowed 22 times, i understand it is an easy mistake to make for a busy person.
    Nor will i comment about the photograph of janet in the Lancashire Telegraph which makes her look like an extra from Lord of the Rings.
    I on the other hand think the above picture does no justice to what is a fine figure of a man.
    Mind you i might have one of the magic mirrors which gives you the view you would like to see of your self.
    Either that or i have a funny feeling that the above photograph might have seen a little bit of air brushing somewhere along the way. I say this as i wahe each morning and i still have the klingon forehead which seems to sta y with me day and night.

    If you cant laugh at your self dont make fun of others.
    Michael Johnson
    PC Rossendale and Darwen
    English Democrats.

  4. Councillor Michael Johnson

    Sorry allowance not allowed allowed. That makes no sence.

    • Nope but I got what you meant.
      Thanks for looking at my blog and seeing I meant no malice, I am always willing to give people a chance and do not hold their past against them. (Unless they have killed some one or abused people then they are fair game).
      You done the right thing getting out and proved honesty when questioned about your past within the EFP.

  5. Mr Johnson has taken a fair bit of flak from the readers of Darwen Reporter. But his reaction really is like “water off a duck’s back!”

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