Cameron And The Banks

Ca-moron is going to whack the banks with a levy, so they can pay back some of the money they owe the public. Although this is a good thing, but will it be construed as an electioneering ploy. YOU DAMN RIGHT IT WILL, a case of a pledge that should have been made before the bankers started slapping each other on the back and paying each other big bonuses.
They helped get us in this mess and Gordon The Clown and his idiot government sealed the deal on this economic crisis.
Maybe it will work, maybe it wont, the Con – servatives will probably win this election, hopefully they will do a better job than Brown and his shady party.

There’s a very simple choice at this election: five more years of Gordon Brown, or change with the Conservatives. But if the British people do vote for change, I can tell you now that it won’t come easily. Real change is always hard because there will always be people and organisations with vested interests in preserving the status quo – even if that’s not in the national interest. We need to take these vested interests on, and I gave a speech earlier today setting out how the Conservatives will do just that. Taking on vested interests has been at the heart of so many of the great moments of progress in this country – whether it’s abolishing slavery in the face of commercial interests, or more recently Margaret Thatcher taking on those who controlled council housing and the nationalised industries. So we know that taking on vested interests can bring real, positive change. But that change can only come about if you have the strength to see it through. Sadly, we haven’t seen that strength from Gordon Brown. Just look at what’s going on with the British Airways strike. Thousands of jobs and the future of one of Britain’s greatest companies is at threat, yet we have a Prime Minister who won’t come out in support of those who would cross the picket line because the Unite union is bankrolling the Labour Party. The next Conservative Government will be different. You can see that in how we led the way in dealing with MPs’ expenses. You can see it in our pledge to publish all government spending online. And you could see it this morning in my call for a levy on banks to pay back taxpayers for the support they gave them. Since becoming leader of the Conservative Party I’ve rolled up my sleeves and argued for what is right, not what is convenient. It’s time we had a Prime Minister that did the same.

If you do get in Cameron, please think of the English people and give us a frigging chance.


About englishwarrior

I am and Englishman who is fed up with the way the Government and others treats the people of England

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