An English Democrats Dilemma

Well since I have been away, it seems England’s answer to Stalin has left the English Democrats.
Yes Kim Gandy has left, the self styled figure head of feminazism is no more, the reports across the interweb seem to be pointing the finger at Steve Uncles, apparently he got hold of the details of her accounts on FaceBook and her email account and has been causing mischief. Even changed her name and how she looked on her FB account.

Called Sue Eastwood now.

Big change from this:

She has returned though in the guise of Boadicea Iceni, same vitriol and vileness.
Here is an example:

What do you mean “they”? I am not “they”. I am not a member. I am independent. I don’t particularly care what you think as you are a poacher turned gamekeeper anyway. I don’t like your presumptiousness and I don’t support this page but as far as Uncles is concerned, you need to be looking more at him if you want a “cause”. I think this page is pointless, when there are genuinely corrupt politicians crawling out of the woodwork. I find it pathetic that you aim at somebody who actually has the courage to speak out against rampant pc when there is corruption everywhere. Get your bumptious students galvanised in the direction of gravy train MPs and bent local councillors such as Doncaster was riddled with until recently. Wake up!

Some one put a quote up I think is perfect.

“The trouble with her is that she lacks the power of conversation but not the power of speech.”

– George Bernard Shaw


So interestingly enough, the fact she came back and tried to pretend she was someone else, shows her to be a mad woman, then to start ranting in the style the people on the forum are accustomed to, is a product of her thinking she is far cleverer and better than anyone else.

Personally The Warrior thinks the EDP are better off without her, but they would be better off if they got rid of Uncles.

Cameron is making himself to look like a complete twat again, claiming he knew nothing of Lord Ascroft’s non dom status. What A Knob!

Lib dims are having their conference, wonder anyone is awake.

And Brown is just a Twat of the highest order.

The Warrior will try and keep his blog up to date, but he has been very busy lately trying to earn some money to pay the bills, lots of overtime.


About englishwarrior

I am and Englishman who is fed up with the way the Government and others treats the people of England

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  1. I am confused (not difficult for me I know) but are you in favour of an English Parliament?

    If so, who do you hope will have the political clout to enact the required legislation to bring it about?

    I ask, because I am not sure if you support the English Democrats or some other party. Political fact is that there is no other party with enough power to bring it about at the moment other than the Tories and to get them to move will need someone like the English Democrats to be able to put pressure on to a friendly ally rather than bludgeon a party that has been alienated by constant abuse.

    I’m not being critical, merely interested.

    PS my sight is failing and I find your site difficult to read, which is a pity as you have some interesting ideas.

    • Yes I am a fan of the English Democrats.
      Just not of the way it is run, there is too much in racist posting and not enough proper electioneering.
      Steve Uncles is an idiot who knows nothing, all his talk is with his money which has earned him his clout in the party, with his hand picked minions to kiss his behind at every move he makes.
      Shame because the party could be an alternative, it is just the right wing element ruin it for the more liberal people there is a majority of in England.

  2. Thank you for your response: I do not know the personalities of the party so I was unaware of this. However I thought that Robin Tilbrook was the Chairman or whatever, so where does Steve Uncles fit into the scenario?

    It would be tragic for the English questions to dissolve into a number of smaller parties all going in different directions, it would mean that we can be ignored completely and brushed out of sight.

    I am sure that the SNP had some difficult characters in the beginning (after Braveheart came out, I am almost certain that they did!!) But they were fixed on one ideal – so let’s hope that the EDP settles down as well, as without a political will to change things we have no hope.

  3. Michelle, Robin Tilbrook is the chairman yes, but Uncles has far too much clout within the party and a lot of people within seem to dislike him but he is so hard to dislodge from his perch so he just carries on making the party look bad, with his numerous postings on various forums and his antics within the party.
    I would not wish what has happened to Gandy on anyone, to steal a face book account and annoy people then change everything about the profile to suit, is just madness, then to steal her email account and do the same is appalling behaviour.
    Hopefully after the ge people will have had a gutful of the idiot and get rid of Uncles full stop.

  4. This is just one persons opinion onthe party and , it is just that an opinion – The English Democrats are still learning and whilst still learning at the age of about 7 , they will make a few mistakes but over time they will be corrected and put right and then they will move on.
    I have said this on a few occassions on the web and to people in person and i will say it on here so others can see it – If someone is not happy with someones actions within the party then they must find a person to replace this person and gather support so that when the time is right to dislodge that said person it can be done by the rules which have been set out in the party constitution , but this replacement has to be able to give the time that is needed for this position , many people do not have this time which is maybe why there has not been a challenge – Its is always good to have people who wish to challenege for things.
    As a member of the English Democrats said to me a while back “You cannot change things from outside but only from within”
    As for what happened to Kim on the people involved will ever know the truth about this and those who have seen the messages – I do not doubt that Kim was treated harshly aswhat happened and how it happend could have been done in a better way and , IF Mr Uncles was to blame , maybe he should know better and as a ranking person in the party should lead by example, as i say if this is pure fact but as i say only those involved will be in the know.

    • Agreed Ben, no where in my blog have I said I do not like the English Democrats, I agree with what they are trying to achieve, and any mechanism that can bring to light the fight for our England is a good one in my eyes.
      I noticed peoples remarks about a few individuals, including Uncles, I gather he is a high ranking official.
      So I researched and did not like what I read, I truly believe that he is damaging the whole integrity of your party with his remarks and actions on many forums, including Face Book and BDF.
      Gandy I find is just hilarious with her antics under many pseudonyms. I also stated that it was what I had read in my blog, but if it is true what Uncles has done I believe that that is a despicable way to act and very cowardly.
      Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, and you will notice I have a go at most parties, just have not got round to all of them yet. Each one has good policy in it’s own merit, but not one has the full package so will be under scrutiny by many.
      Once again thanks for looking at my little blog.

  5. As Ben Weald has stated, it would be silly to replace people in the party, if there is no one to replace people with.

    Just to confirm that if anyone wants the (unpaid) job as South East Area Chairman and/or Communications Director then let the National Party Secretary of the English Democrats know, and I will gladly step down.


    Steve Uncles

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