English Democrats and the new candidate for Worthing

The new candidate for Worthing, Michael Blackfeather.
He has lots of pseudonyms such as, Archangel Michael, With God, Michael Spesmeaindeoest and Gods First Angel. So from the onset you can tell the man is not a suitable candidate and would only attract the weirdo vote.

He recently published a new blog on his page called With God, the piece is titled, Elton John is a faggot.

Here is the text, and click to link to blog:
What can one say? for a start Jesus was not a homosexual like Elton John (Bum boy Reginald Dwight) Jesus was super intelligent unlike bum boy Elton who should leave the higher thinking to those that can, Faggot

Should, this man with such draconian views, be a candidate, no he shouldn’t.

This calls into question the vetting process the English Democrats use to put forward the candidates. It is ludicrous that a party, who is supposed to welcome all from England, should field a candidate with openly bigoted views such as this, one of the candidates for the English democrats is openly gay, how will he feel about being associated with such a narrow view of people who prefer same-sex partnerships.

Is the lure of the PPB so much on Uncles mind that he would subject fellow members to this sort of bigotry within the ranks of candidates? There is a lot of disharmony within the party at the moment and Uncles it seems just likes to add fuel to the fire, I have seen posts claiming he could be a plant, but that is just hearsay, so unless there is proof I will not broaden my comments on that one.

The English democrats seem like a good party, one for the English people, but under scrutiny, it seems some have their own agenda within the ranks of the National Council, and whilst these people are allowed to rule the roost the party will not succeed.
This is a shame, from looking at the pages they promote themselves on, there seems to be more good than bad in the party, but the few are going to ruin it for the most, and one of the main culprits is Uncles.


About englishwarrior

I am and Englishman who is fed up with the way the Government and others treats the people of England

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  1. Getting a new political party going in England, must be one of the hardest things possible to do.

    Especially with the press against an English party, and trying to manage volunteers.

    We have not done everything correctly, but we have achieved 7th place in two successive National Elections in England 2009 and 2010 – with a certain amount of trial and error.

    No one in the Engish Democrats “controls” the party, we are a grass roots party – Nationally, the problem is not people dictating or fighting over ideas – the enemy is apathy- we need MORE people to have MORE ideas, and MORE people to make ideas WORK.

    Steve Uncles
    Operations Director – English Democrats

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