A lot has happened in a short time.

Well been training for a couple of weeks all over the country, from Suffolk to Lancashire.
Blackpool is an odd place, but in a good way, be it working or out for the week end, the pubs and clubs have good entertainment and food.
There are lots of oddities out on a weekend, men dressed as women, old women out on the pull, old men out on the pull and both aim for younger prey. Should stick to their own ages the Muppets, Hehe.

Gordon Brown was accused of being a bully.
The English Democrats launch their GE campaign from trouble ridden Doncaster.

English Democrats launch general election campaign

Chairman Robin Tilbrook: “There is unfair devolution… as far as England is concerned”

The English Democrats party has launched its general election campaign at a spring conference in Doncaster.

The party is planning to field 120 candidates at the general election. In last year’s European election, the party secured 1.8% of the vote.

It wants withdrawal from the European Union, more freedom from state control, and a separate parliament for England.

Chairman Robin Tilbrook says the English Democrats is the only party “trying to fight England’s corner”.

Mr Tilbrook said: “We get policies put forward by the British parliament which are against England’s interests.

“We do need, as our policy says, a parliament for England, and a government for England with a first minister for England, with at least the same powers as the Scottish ones.”

The party wants to end subsidies from Westminster to Scotland and Wales and abolish the regional assemblies set up across England.

He told the BBC the English Democrats were “unashamedly an English nationalist party”.

He said: “We are in the same mould in that respect as the Scottish nationalists and Plaid Cymru for Wales.”
Tories make more blunders, trying to get Scottish vote, well done for pissing off 80% of the voters in the country, Cameron your a joke.

Global warming back in the news, more evidence getting debunked.

John Terry stripped of his captaincy.

Earth quake off the coast of Japan.

So a lot happens in a short time, Catch up soon, The Warrior .


About englishwarrior

I am and Englishman who is fed up with the way the Government and others treats the people of England

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